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Top 5 stories: Web3, blockchain domains, Canvas.com and more

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Here are the top five posts on Domain Name Wire last month, ranked by pageviews.

1. Judge orders Canvas.com to stop using its domain name – this is an ongoing story that will have some fireworks this week. Canvas continues to use canvas.com after a U.S. District judge ordered it to stop. The judge scheduled a hearing for this week to rule if Canvas is in contempt of court. Meanwhile, Canvas is trying to get help from an appeals court.

2. Web3 companies snap up domain names – end user sales – Web3 companies are big aftermarket domain buyers. It will be interesting to see what impact a Web3 fallout could have on the domain aftermarket.

3. Fractionalized domain name ownership comes to Rally – Rally successfully sold shares in directions.com. Next up is a portfolio of five three letter domains.

4. Blockchain domains and the big challenges they face – can these alt-root domains overcome challenges of previous attempts to usurp the main root?

5. Cal.com raises $7.4 million after rebrand – James Iles writes about the company that rebranded from Calendso to Cal.com.


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