EDR: Puka.com + 200 other expired domain name sales

Joseph Peterson reviews the past week of expired domain name sales in this Expired Domain Report.

Some time passed without China topping our list of expired domain auctions; first Insurance1.com and then DataTrack.com took 1st place – both English and U.S.-focused. This week China once again snags the tape at NameJet’s finish line, coming in 1st with PUKA.com ($9.0k). While it isn’t the $62k monster of 3 weeks prior, this sale nevertheless nearly doubles the price of its runner up. Click here to continue reading…

WorkBetter.com owner fights back against ACPA lawsuit

Jason Kneen fights motion for preliminary injunction and points out plaintiff’s apparent shenanigans.

Earlier this week I wrote about how New York company Office Space Solutions, Inc. had filed a cybersquatting lawsuit against Jason Kneen of the UK over the domain name WorkBetter.com. Kneen registered the domain name in 1999, well before Office Space Solutions had any idea of using the name in 2014.

Office Space Solutions also asked for a preliminary injunction on the domain name.

Kneen has submitted an opposition to the motion for preliminary injunction (pdf), outlining what appear to be rather questionable assertions made by Office Space Solutions and Harsh Mehta.

Here’s a general timeline of events according to Kneen: Click here to continue reading…

Lens.com fails in cybersquatting complaint over Lens.in

Lens.com not seeing so clearly.

Lens.comOnline contact lens retailer Lens.com has failed to win a cybersquatting claim (pdf) against the domain name Lens.in.

Lens.com filed the dispute under the .IN Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (INDRP).

The panelist determined that Lens.com doesn’t have any rights in the term “lens”, just lens.com. That would not give it rights to Lens.in, and this caused the rest of the case to fail.

INDRP is very similar to UDRP, except that the third element of use in bad faith says “registration OR use” instead of “registration AND use”. The policy actually contradicts itself on this issue, using OR instead of AND in one spot.

Despite the similarity, INDRP has proven to be extremely complainant-friendly. It has been used to turn over the domains Web.in, Jobs.in, Honey.in and All.in.

There’s a bit of a wrinkle in the Lens.in case. There’s some question over the ownership of the domain name, and the panelist determined that the registry can cancel the Lens.in domain name registration.

If anyone is familiar with dropping .in domain names, they might want to keep an eye out for this.

BearingPoint pays $100k+ for Net.Work domain name

New TLD sells for $100,000 plus premium renewal rates.

Consulting firm BearingPoint has paid $100,000 to Minds + Machines for the domain name Net.work, and that’s just for the first year. It will pay an undisclosed premium renewal to continue using it after the first year.

Minds + Machines took a different tack with .work, offering registrations for a just a couple bucks at retail. It also offered up to ten free .work domain names per customer at its own registrar, helping to boost overall registrations to 55,000.

A Minds + Machines spokesperson says the $100,000 sale validates its strategy of offering the domain name for a low price to raise overall awareness of .work and then capitalizing through premium domain name sales.

Net.work does not yet resolve.