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The following are disclosures about Domain Name Wire and its editor, Andrew Allemann.

-Domain Name Wire is a free publication subject to its terms of use.

-This site accepts paid advertising.

-The editor of Domain Name Wire is also a domain investor. He owns domain names, sells domain names, and uses many of the products and services mentioned on DNW first hand.

-From time to time, the editor engages on consulting projects. These will be disclosed if their scope is meaningful.

-Domain Name Wire sometimes enters into content licensing agreements with companies in the domain name industry. These only involve the company posting content created by Domain Name Wire on their sites, and do not involve posting company content on Domain Name Wire. Licensees will sometimes edit the content.

-Other authors and guest contributors are also typically involved in some facet of the domain industry.

-Andrew Allemann previously worked with Directi’s media businesses, specifically online advertising company Media.net. At the time, Directi also owned Skenzo and DomainAdvertising. Any articles that mention a Directi business posted between October 2010 and February 2014 include a disclosure about this relationship.

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