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June’s top 5 domain name stories

Here’s a look back at what happened in the domain industry last month.

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These are the top five stories ranked by views:

1. Bird.com and Fish.com bidder countersues Right of the Dot – After Right of the Dot sued David Lizmo for not paying for domains it said he won, Lizmo filed back with his own allegations.

2. Unstoppable domains files trademark applications for .NFT, .Doge and others – Alt-root, blockchain-based domains company filed for a lot of trademarks and then announced it was launching 8 new top level domains.

3. GoDaddy sales data dump: sales up to $390k plus a big .org sale – GoDaddy revealed 20 of its top sales from January of this year, including one of the biggest .org sales of all time.

4. Domain investor buys Yachts.com for $350,000 and plans to develop it – Eric Borgos plunked down a lot of cash for Yachts.com and plans to develop it into a business.

5. Company files UDRP against deceased man, and I have questions – A company in Denmark filed a UDRP against a man it likely knew was dead.

And here are the podcasts (in reverse chronological order) in case you missed any:

#344 – Reopening’s impact on domains with Shane Cultra – listen

#343 – Growing Voices.com with a killer domain with David Caccarelli – listen

#342 – Top domain name sales & crypto impact – listen

#341 – DNS using blockchain technology with Andrew Rosener – listen

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