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DNS using blockchain technology – DNW Podcast #341

A discussion on the merits and challenges of a DNS built on blockchain technology.

Headshot photo of Andrew Rosener with the words 'DNS using blockchain technology"

Would a DNS using blockchain technology be better than the current DNS? Andrew Rosener thinks so, although he admits there are some challenges to overcome. On today’s show, Andrew and I discuss the benefits of a decentralized DNS using blockchain technology, as well as the drawbacks and hurdles to getting there.

Also: Domain numbers head south, Hallmark loses, Dutch domain auctions and more.

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  1. Meka says

    Not buying into this . Those HNS guys giving away names to some people in the industry to help boost their image.

    Waiting to see how it disrupts the industry .

  2. D..Murray says

    Great interview. This is all very exciting. Regardless of TM or even name collision which would not happen for at least 3 years, I think dumping millions into making an older style extension successful will be pretty much DOA in 3 years regardless of extension.

    I believe google chrome will be broken up as a monopoly in next 12-24 months. 70% is a bit much. Perfect time for handshake or ? to enter.

    Regardless of what happens innovation is coming and you can’t stop it.


    • John Berryhill says

      “I believe google chrome will be broken up as a monopoly in next 12-24 months.”

      Well then, as an expert on the topic, Mr. Murray, could you remind us of the last anti-trust proceeding which resulted in an action like that within a timescale of 12-24 months (assuming the DoJ started on it today)?

      • D.. Murray says

        Mr BerryHill, Why are you focusing on the the US market only?

        Look at other countries and see what is happening. Germany, France etc. I look at the trends and what is coming from around the world. okmicrosoft 1998.

        Why experts love monopolistic corporations is unknown to me. I do know trends and you can’t stop technology going forward regardless of who invests in it and what you think of them.

        We can come back to this in 2 years and see if google has been untouched by any country in the world. If untouched then you will be the expert and not me. At the end of the day it will not matter because the decentralized web is going to happen regardless of what anyone thinks of it. And that is real issue here.

        Fear and adoption or anything new scares people and the defi world is new and scary. That is my non-expert non fictional opinion.



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