23 more end user domain name sales

I’d Laugh out Loud at being paid twenty grand for LaughOutLoud.com.

Afternic and GoDaddy teamed up to sell just over $2 million worth of domain names last week. Here’s a list of some of the sales to end users. You can see previous end user sales lists here.

LaughOutLoud.com $20,800 – a company called Codeblack Enterprises, LLC. Is it connected to this entertainment company?

BoatTransport.com $16,000 – auto transport company Showroom Transport.

HealthShield.com $10,000 – LegalShield, previously known as Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. I guess they’re getting into the health insurance business.

ServiceDogCertification.org $1,000 – Service Dog Certification of America.

AdventureTrips.com $6,500 – iTravel, LLC. in Ely, Minnesota.

WestparkBaptist.com $1,100 – West Park Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. They use the matching .org domain name.

HaywardRoofing.com $1,000 – Hayward Roofing and Construction in Deerfield Beach, Florida. They already own HaywardContracting.com.

MetalDecks.com $2,000 – Commercial Siding & Maintenance in Houston.

SiteAlerts.com $5,300 – Marketing software company HubSpot.

SummervilleNissan.com $1,000 – Advanced Dealer Systems, most likely for a client.

ShoreToShoreRealty.com $1,200 – the admin email of the buyer is STSRealtyCorp.com, which I assume stands for “Short to Shore”.

SeeItNow.org $1,596 – The Motion Picture Association.

FondationBeyeler.com $4,750 – Beyeler Museum AG in Switzerland.

HealthData.org $1,500 – Health Metrics And Evaluation at The University of Washington.

AssetLock.net $2,500 – Jenkins Wealth Management Group in Centennial, Colorado.

IDCamps.com $1,000 – iD Tech, which organizes summer technology camps.

ShaleMag.com $1,000 – Shale Magazine, which covers the oil and gas business.

OkinawaTravelInfo.com $1,750 – the owner of okinawa-travel.info.

Jen7.com $1,250 – clothing brand 7 for All Mankind.

Prysma.com $4,500 – FHA lender Prysma Lending. They use PrysmaLending.com.

MedicineStores.com $1,500 – appears to be registered by a pharmacy in Aledo, Texas.

WashingtonPrime.com $2,000 – a CSC client.

OceanStore.com $4,500 – Inversiones Oceans GSM, S.A. in Panama.


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