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  • discusses .XYZ and threat from Google

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    Company responds to question about .xyz giveaway and threat from Google becoming a domain name registrar. held its quarterly conference call yesterday. Analysts asked the company about Network Solutions’ .xyz domain name giveaway and the threat from Google becoming a domain name registrar.

    The answers below are from David Brown, CEO.

    On. .XYZ:

    And then finally on the xyz, we have a long history of offering domain names at very low price in order to attract customers. And then after a year with us, if they choose to renew, we have some additional revenue. And we’ve been testing this process for years. It has worked for us and allowed us to be very competitive in an extremely competitive and marginalized business. And so xyz could have been an example of that.

    This is a peculiar response to .xyz. The domains were given to existing customers. I guess the hope is that some of them will renew.

    On Google as a competitor:

    So let’s just hit the Google thing head-on. We don’t see any competitive threat from Google relative to domains. Google is a fantastic company, growing at a fantastic growth rate in a number of high-priced categories, and we don’t see them shifting their focus to a commoditized, low-growth industry anytime soon. However, we do see them taking advantage of new top-level domains in specialty areas, and good news, we’re partnered with them. We’re going to be one of the registrars that helps them distribute those into the marketplace. So we’ll benefit, actually, from Google’s entry into the domain space, but we don’t see Google shifting their business model into the domain industry in any meaningful way. We, on the other hand, are one of the — already one of the most significant do-it-for-me partners for Google in our online marketing space. I commented earlier, we’re the only domain name and hosting company that’s a premier partner for Google, and we have been for years. So we think we can benefit from them working in the new gTLD space because they’re going to be possibly creating opportunities for people to grab new domain names, and that creates opportunities for us in the online marketing space and even in the DIFM website space.

    Brown addressed Google in his prepared remarks but kind of beat around the bush. His answer to the analyst was more direct. doesn’t think Google is going to go all in on the registrar side of the business. They might be right.

    (Transcript quotes from SeekingAlpha)

  • Expired Domain Roundup: Tequila, Exotica and more

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    Sometimes $30 is more shocking than $20,250.

    GoDaddy Auctions’ sale of for over $20k comes as no surprise. There were already 97 bids up to $6,700 after day 1 (with 8 days remaining); and, by the penultimate day, those numbers had risen to $15.5k and 153 bids. From there, it only took 15 bids more to nudge up to $20,250.  “Exotica” has been used with adult connotations but also denoted a style of music popular in the 1950s. I don’t see a revival coming, but “Exotica” is just one of those brand names that’s destined for success. Maybe you’ll book a tour through Exotica, watch a new season of “Exotica”, or be driving the fully equipped 2015 Exotica.  We’ll see. at $7k makes sense. Travel and credit cards are big business. Even at $2.2k is understandable, since video games are a lucrative industry. But I come up with nothing for Are pairs like -5 and +5 or -3.14518 and +3.14518 worth $5k to someone out there?

    To continue the gaming theme, last week also saw expired auctions for ($1.8k), ($1.6k), and the dirt-cheap ($65).

    Another familiar niche — marijuana — was represented by (a steal at $1.4k), ($405), and possibly also ($1k). ($500) was a lot cheaper than, which runs about $795 per year.

    Mug shots (and their removal) are a niche some notable domainers have explored. seems to have been around for awhile, based on its 2007 Twitter handle. Since people pay for reputation repair, the $2k price makes some sense — although the “daily” angle is lost on me.

    Domain Name End $ Domain Name End $ 20250 7200 5100 3550 2247 2025 1975 1825 1700 1625 1557 1450 1425 1375 1136 1125 1075 970 930 920 910 820 811 810 770 760 730 721 721 665 665 637 635 615 610 610 608 570 565 560 530 530 520 517 510 509 504 500 500 495 466 466 460 455 444 410 410 407 407 405 405 405 405 405 393 382 375 355 335 330 326 317 311 305 305 305 288 261 255 255 252 230 205 205 203 185 175 161 145 138 100 77 65 30

    Spanish expired domain sales included ($665).  Literally it means “old house”; but in practice it’s already used as the brand name of multiple restaurants, lodges, and one tequila.  American domainers tend to undervalue Spanish domains.

    For the benefit of people outside the USA, I’ll point out that ($770) refers to Las Vegas, Nevada. While I’m mentioning things miscellaneously: ($405) itself foot own shot in has. Hopefully the same buyer as ($135)!

    In case you’re worried about drinking too much OJ, you can relax. would pertain to Vietnam and the disturbing repercussions of chemical weapons.

    The “-orama” suffix in is an incongruous tail to pin on the donkey of cinematic genius Ingmar Bergman, who is mainly associated with earnest existential angst. But there’s already a Pinterest page of that name.

    By far the best purchase I saw at GoDaddy was for a mere $30.  Not only is it the perfect intersection of 2 money-making sectors, but there’s already a developed website to sell to at  If you’re a domainer, kick yourself right now!

    Even at 4 words, is a domain I’d value above its $3.9k NameJet price. Cisco ads for “The Internet Of Everything” have been everywhere, and this tech trend is expected to continue growing.

    Since giving gifts involves spending money, should make back its $2.6k purchase price in short order. Interestingly, auctions for ($1.2k ) and ($471) took place also. I much prefer

    Obviously the spinach-loving buyer of was undeterred by my warning last week about malware on the domain. As of today, Chrome still blocks the domain for me.  If that buyer knows a way to scrub an infected domain till Google declares it clean, hopefully he’ll share that method.

    Domain Name End $ Domain Name End $ 5099 3933 2988 2980 2569 2500 2102 1905 1769 1629 1555 1455 1300 1221 1201 1009 932 880 820 780 760 610 601 600 600 585 555 520 510 471 445 431 375 370 360 345 283 282 262 232 230 211 209 160 150 100

    The word “resorts” typically conjures up images of swaying Caribbean palms or Mediterranean sunbathing, but apparently ($211) exist too. I, for one, would love to go — or, failing that, watch someone else’s ($209). ($345) may be long, but home loans are worth more than $345. Getting a mortgage for that manufactured home probably entails its own challenges, which could make an informational site a magnet for people looking for high-value transactions. This was a smart buy, in my view.

    Next week, you can squat on the name of a popular 1990s band, Ben Folds Five. I’d advise against it, but I’ll be watching out of curiosity. Why not sell instead? While they’re unfamiliar to many palettes, there are a lot of them out there worth trying at least once. The Japanese love their Natto.

    Domain Name Venue Domain Name Venue NJ Pre NJ Pre GD NJ Pre NJ Pre NJ Pre GD NJ Pre GD GD NJ Pre NJ Pre NJ Pre GD PD NJ Pre NJ Pre GD is a good pet brand name, “mutt” being a dog whose breed is indeterminately mixed. You’ve also got your pick of various large industries:,, and

    Shows like “Shark Tank” have made inventor funding pitches popular, which could make a popular site … given the right idea.

    I’m not cool enough to own  Are you?

  • starts offering domain name registration

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    Et tu, Amazon? is now offering domain name registration in conjunction with its web services.

    This move is not similar to Google’s recent foray into the retail registration market. Instead, it’s similar to what Google did many years ago — offer domain name registration through partners.

    Web services providers understand that domain name registration is a key part of getting online. Making it easier to get and integrate a domain name makes it easier to use web services.

    Amazon’s domain name registration is offered through its Route 53 Domain Name Service (DNS). It’s actually a reseller deal with ICANN-accredited registrar Gandi. .Com domain names cost $12 a year.

    Google has offered domain names in this fashion for many years through partnerships with GoDaddy and eNom. In June it decided to enter the retail domain name registration market directly, no doubt because it will soon be the registry for dozens of new generic top level domain names. also applied to run dozens of top level domain names. Could its entry into the retail domain name registration market be far behind?

    (hat tip: @GeorgeKirikos)

    amazon-domain is available? If only…

  • misses revenue target, acquires UK online directory company

    1. BY - Jul 31, 2014
    2. Domain Registrars
    3. 0 Comments’s Q2 revenue numbers don’t hit company’s target., which owns Network Solutions, and SnapNames, released earnings after the bell today.

    GAAP revenue for the second quarter was $138.2 million. Adjusted revenue was $144.7 million. Although that’s up 10% year-over-year, it’s below the company’s guidance range of $146.0 million to $147.5 million.

    The company added 38,500 subscribers last quarter.

    The earnings press release does not mention the number of registered domain names. It will be interested to hear if registration numbers are discussed on the earnings call this afternoon; the number would be inflated by free .xyz registrations. also announced the acquisition of Scoot today. With over 400 websites, Scoot is the largest online only business directory network in the United Kingdom.

  • Estibot to launch domainIQ for reverse and historical whois

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    New service will launch next week.

    DomainIQThe company behind Estibot is launching a new domain name service called domainIQ next week.

    domainIQ provides reverse whois (all the domains owned by a person or company), historical whois, and other intelligence about domain names.

    Many of the features are currently found in DomainTools, and some are also found in the free service Whoisology. domainIQ will certainly compete with these services, depending on what level of detail and data the customer is looking for.

    Reverse whois lookups at domainIQ include a bunch of data including the list of domains, categories they fall into, extension break down, language, registrar, valuation break down, keyword density breakdown and more. You can view a video of how it works at

    Prices range from $24.95 to $149.95 per month. Each package includes unlimited reverse whois lookups, but the levels display a different number of results. For example, the mid-level $49.95/month package will show up to 100 results per lookup.

    Estibot rolled the service out to some of its long-time customers today. It will debut to the public next week.