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  • Wow: buys .Buy for $4.6 million, .Tech sells for $6.8 million

    1. BY - Sep 17, 2014
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    You might think new top level domain names aren’t meeting early expectations, but applicants still apparently value the opportunity very high.

    ICANN held its second “auction of last resort” for new top level domain names today. Three contention sets were resolved at very high prices.

    Here are the results:

    .Tech sold for $6,760,000 to Dot Tech LLC. I’ve heard of some private contention set auctions closing for about this price, but I suspect this is a record or close to it. Three bidders bid at least $6.2 million in the auction.

    DotTech beat out Google, Uniregistry, Nu Dot Co, Donuts and Minds + Machines.

    .Buy sold for $4,588,888 to

    Amazon beat Google, Donuts and Famous Four Media in the auction. PVT Registry did not participate. Only two bidders bid above $1.5 million.

    .VIP sold for $3,000,888 to publicly traded Minds + Machines.

    It beat Google, VIP Registry, Minds + Machines, Donuts, I-Registry and Vipspace Enterprises LLC. Three bidders were willing to pay at least $2.2 million in the auction.

    Unlike with private contention set auctions, the losers in these auctions walk away with nothing, other than a small refund on their application fee.

  • WWE accepts the challenge, fights for

    1. BY - Sep 17, 2014
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    Domain name owner makes preemptive defense against UDRP.

    WWE.orgA UDRP for was just filed with National Arbitration Forum. You’ll see a curious message when you visit the domain name:

    Disclaimer: (Western Women Entrepreneurs) is not associated with (World Wrestling Entertainment) nor we have any intention to represent, sell or promote ANY wrestling goods. is a solo organization represents Western Women Entrepreneurs. we hold no trademark infringement towards WWE network nor using the domain in a bad faith.

    if you are and you wish to file a complaint through UDRP to claim our domain, you may go ahead without notifying us. however if you still wish to obtain our domain, you may contact us with a reasonable offer in order to get a reply.

    Apparently WWE (the wrestling group) accepted the challenge.

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  • files cybersquatting suit against leased domain name

    1. BY - Sep 17, 2014
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    Company wants control of, which Vertical Axis might have leased to another party.

    CoolMath-Games.comIf you’ve ever stumbled upon a site in the network of websites, you probably thought you had taken a trip back to the 1990s. With black backgrounds and neon graphics, all that’s missing are spinning logos.

    But the network is big. Really big. alone had 677 million visits between June 2013 and June 2014.

    Now, LLC is suing to get control of Vertical Axis’ domain name, citing the Anticybersquatting Protection Act.

    The facts aren’t as simple as they originally seem, and the case should serve as a warning to those that lease domain names. …click here to continue reading

  • Radix delays new TLD launches until tomorrow

    1. BY - Sep 17, 2014
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    Pricing configuration issue delays launch of three top level domain names.

    Radix RegistryNew top level domain name applicant Radix has delayed the launch of its first three domain names until tomorrow.

    .Website, .Press and .Host will all launch tomorrow at noon EDT. They were scheduled to release at the same time today.

    Sandeep Ramchandani, business head for Radix, told Domain Name Wire that there was a pricing configuration issue that some registrars ran into. Although the TLDs could have launched minutes later than planned, a number of registrars requested that the launch be delayed by a day.

    Given that people (like me) judge registrars based on their ability to capture pre-ordered domains, this was probably a smart move.

    Ramchandani said the pricing issue is not one that affects end users, such as the amount registrants pay for standard and premium-priced domains.

    This gives me a bit more time to figure out how to pre-order domains

  • .Vegas launches with strong support from local businesses

    1. BY - Sep 17, 2014
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    .Vegas off to solid start with lots of locals registering domain name.

    Dot VegasThe .Vegas domain name launched on Monday and generated about 3,000 domain name registrations in the first hours of availability, plus another 1,400 registrations on Tuesday.

    .Vegas is somewhat unique because it represents both a U.S. city and a global brand synonymous with entertainment and gambling.

    EVP and co-founder of Dot Vegas Bart Mackay describes the domain as “dual purpose”, and his company therefore has to reach two different groups with its marketing.

    “Over the next three months, we have significant marketing campaigns that are local, but we can’t ignore the fact that Vegas is an international brand,” said Mackay. “We’ve made a significant investment in international promotion, mostly through our registrar partners.”

    On the local front, .Vegas is advertising on NPR, electronic billboards, and in the Las Vegas airport. It’s also getting a lot of PR from the city, which keeps 10% of .Vegas’ revenue.

    The local message is certainly resonating. A Domain Name Wire analysis of .Vegas’ launch day zone file shows a broad spectrum of domain registrants, including many local people and companies: …Click here to continue reading and see a list of some of .Vegas’ top registrants