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  • The only thing Blake Irving points at elephants is a camera

    1. BY - Apr 24, 2014
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    GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving is doing a Reddit AMA.

    RedditGoDaddy CEO Blake Irving is doing an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit right now.

    It’s a pretty gutsy move given the typical Reddit user and their stance toward GoDaddy. I suppose that’s the point.

    Comments have been basically what you’d expect: the company’s initial support of SOPA, the founder shooting elephants and racy commercials. Most of these are easy to defend since Blake wasn’t around when these happened. He can tell everyone that the company is changing.

    Some questions have revolved around net neutrality. Getting involved on this issue could help GoDaddy get past its SOPA debacle.

    On the issue of shooting elephants, Blake noted “The only thing I point at elephants – is a camera.”

    You can participate now – and ask him anything you want.

  • Sedo’s end user domain name sales

    1. BY - Apr 24, 2014
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    Sedo sold a number of domain names to end users last week.

    Sedo sold 513 domain names last week for a total of $1 million. Here are some domain names purchased by end users. (You can view previous end user sales lists here.) 810 GBP – Broadcaster BBC $2,000 – New Media Golf Corporation $1,000 – the publisher of $2,995 – Medicine Stone Petroleum Svcs, LLC $2,000 – IT company ENS Group $8,000 – NTTData Intramart corporation, a Tokyo company that uses the matching .jp domain name. $9,888 – Children’s rights advocacy group Terre des Hommes. $1,495 – Web data company Connotate, which offers web data extraction and scraping services. $1,940 – SwipeAds Holdings Pty Ltd, which offers a game-based CAPTCHA solution called Fun CAPTCHA. $8,890 – Center for International Private Enterprise. It uses the matching .org $1,895 – Alternative investment company The GEM Group, aka Global Emerging Markets. It uses the domain name $2,395 – World Oneness Foundation, a non-profit promoting “oneness”. I don’t know what that means, but they have a cool picture on their home page at

  • Domain registrars want more business? Focus on security and price.

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    Survey shows that security and price remain top customer considerations.

    SecurityDomain name registrars looking to grow their business need to focus on two key things: security and price.

    That’s according to this year’s Domain Name Wire survey. Really the past eight annual versions of the survey, too.

    34% of respondents said security was their primary consideration when selecting a domain name registrar. 29% said price was most important.

    Here’s a weighted ranking of each aspect of selecting a domain name registrar:

    1. Security
    2. Price
    3. Customer service
    4. Account management tools
    5. Ease of pushing domains to another person
    6. Availability of top level domain names I like
    7. Value added services
    8. What they do with expired domain

    It’s 2014, yet some registrars seem to prioritize security fairly low. In recent months I started moving hundreds of domains from a registrar that doesn’t have two-factor authentication to one that does. Switching registrars is a bit of a pain, but not as much as potentially losing a domain due to lax security.

    38% of respondents said they are considering switching domain name registrars this year. This suggests that registrars would be smart to pay attention to these top factors.

    77% of survey takers also reported that they keep the bulk (80%+) of their portfolio at a single registrar. The rest said they spread their portfolio across multiple registrars.

  • .Club and two Chinese new top level domains have about $500k in premium sales

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    A few top level domain names have sold an impression amount of premium domains prior to general availability.

    Here are three new top level domain names to keep an eye on: .Club, .在线 and .中文网.

    .Club Domains is an “all-in” registry, meaning it has only one new TLD to offer. The company raised $7 million and spent a decent amount in a contention set auction for the domain. Still, it has millions of dollars to spend on marketing. For example, it has paid for prominent positioning on GoDaddy’s home page.

    As of yesterday, .Club has sold $481,388 worth of premium domain names. A bunch that just came across Sedo’s sales list were sold to a construction firm in Ft. Lauderdale. Some big brands are getting involved, too: MaryKay bought and

    Given the growth of subscription based products, I expect .club to do really well out of the gate.

    Dot Chinese Online (.在线) and Dot Chinese Website (.中文网), both offered by TLD Registry, have combined for over $584,000 worth of premium domain sales since landrush started March 20. That includes a live auction held in conjunction with Sedo that sold $182,000 worth of domains. It doesn’t include over 20,000 domains bought by the Chinese government.

    Given the domains sold to the government, these domains should jump onto the new TLD leaderboard as soon as they enter general availability. In fact, they’re already in the top 20 and general availability doesn’t even start until Monday.

  • 2014 Domain Name Wire Survey: By the Numbers

    1. BY - Apr 23, 2014
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    251 people from 36 countries participated in this year’s survey.

    Over the next week or two I’ll post a series of stories with the results from this year’s Domain Name Wire survey.

    I’d like to start by thanking each and every person who took the survey. 251 people from 36 countries responded this year. That’s fewer than in previous years because this year’s survey didn’t have any voting for companies. However, I think the quality of response was higher.

    The chart below shows a breakdown of survey-takers. The top row shows the percentage that are domain investors (75%). The second is the number that work for or own a domain registrar (19%) and the bottom row includes everyone that owns another type of domain services company (20%). Obviously, there’s a lot of crossover in this industry.


    Of those that identified themselves as domain investors, 80% said that at least 3/4 of their domains were .com. About 30% of survey-takers own at least 1,000 domain names.

    I promised a few prizes to those that took the time to complete the survey:

    Ira Z. won a free escrow at (10 others will receive a discounted escrow at Agreed.) Fred M. and Jeff B. have won a copy of David Kesmodel’s book “The Domain Game”. I’ll contact all winners over the next few days.