The history of Verisign’s Internet Official contest winners

Verisign contest hits its goal in first round.

Verisign Internet Official

Verisign’s first five winners fit its message perfectly.

Verisign has announced the first five winners in its Internet Official contest, a promotion designed to show that good .com domain names are still available. The domain names selected have interesting histories.

The first five winners, who will each pick up $5,000, are:

1. Registered by Tom H. of Niles, Mich.
2. Registered by Adam Y. H. of Pine Bluffs, Wyo.
3. Registered by Zvi A. of Rego Park, N.Y.
4. Registered by Nancy K. of Port Charlotte, Fla.
5. Registered by Jeffrey H. of Baton Rouge, La. Click here to continue reading…

Judge denies motion to strike UDRP cases from pleadings

Plaintiff asked judge to forbid information about its two UDRP losses over the same domain to be used in pleadings.

United States Magistrate Judge John F. Anderson has denied a motion to strike prior UDRPs from pleadings in a cybersquatting lawsuit filed over

Joseph Carpenter has lost two UDRPs against the domain name After the second loss, he filed an in rem cybersquatting lawsuit against the domain name

The current owner of the domain, Original Web Ventures, responded to the suit and made its own counterclaims. Original Web Ventures is asking for the plaintiff’s trademark to be cancelled and $100,000 for reverse domain name hijacking. The response mentioned the two failed UDRPs, and pointed out that one of them was filed against Original Web Ventures. This, it claimed, shows that some of Carpenter’s assertions in his original suit are false. Click here to continue reading…

Google nixing domain names in mobile search

Search results replace domain name with site name.

Google is making sweeping changes to its search rankings on mobile devices next week, but the search giant just introduced another pretty big change.

Starting yesterday, Google began replacing the URL in search results with the site’s name and breadcrumb. The site-name-instead-of-domain is rolling out in the U.S. only for now. Breadcrumbs are rolling out worldwide.

Here’s an example: Click here to continue reading… sells for $25.2k, and other expired domain name sales

A look back at the past week in expired domain name sales.

The gossip at the water cooler this week might be itself, which was NameJet’s top expired domain auction, selling for $25.2k. Not too far behind (at $15.1k) is the German word for “style”: Or is it? Perhaps it’s an acronym for people in Illinois. Or a creative misspelling of the English word “still”. Then again, if the buyer is Chinese (as buyers so often are these days), it could be an arbitrary sequence of characters. My hunch is German; but until the buyer’s identity is revealed, we can’t know for sure. In any case, in any domain auction, multiple interpretations bid against one another. Value (and sometimes price) are a reflection of all possible meanings. Click here to continue reading…

20 End User Domain Name Sales

Here are 20 end user domain name sales that took place over the past week.

Sedo handled 593 domain name transactions last week for a total of $1.2 million in sales. End user buyers include a webhosting company that created a shorter domain with .ch, an air conditioning company in Arizona, and a bail bond seller.

A whopping 57% of domains that sold at Sedo last week had “buy now” prices.

Click here to see this week’s End User list…