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  • What I think about Donuts’ bold 80% renewal forecast

    1. BY - Nov 26, 2014
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    Last Friday, Donuts CEO Paul Stahura posted on CircleID an argument for strong renewal rates in new top level domain names.

    He even put a number on it: “…we conservatively predict an initial renewal rate of greater than 80% for Donuts gTLDs.”

    First of all, kuddos to Donuts for sticking its neck out there with a prediction. It might have its own motivations for doing so, but a lot of TLD registries are backing off of public predictions of any kind after their initial registration predictions were way off.

    I’ve had many conversations over the past few months about what renewal rates for new TLDs will be. I’ve talked to domainers, registries and registrars.

    I think I can make an intelligent argument for all three scenarios: renewal rates below existing TLDs, renewal rates comparable, and renewal rates higher.

    Stahura makes a pretty good case for the latter, and you should read it in its entirety before reading on. Click here to continue reading…

  • .Click’s 3,800 domains: Good or bad?

    1. BY - Nov 26, 2014
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    People spent about $25,000 on .click domains on the first day.

    Here’s a riddle: how many domains will domainers register on the first day of a new TLD launch for a semi-decent generic domain during Thanksgiving week with super low registration fees and basically no domains held back?

    Answer: 3,800.

    That’s about how many domain names were registered yesterday in Uniregistry’s .click, which launched along with 4 other Uniregistry domain names. Very few were registered in sunrise, so basically all of these were registered by domainers. Prices were less than $7 at each registrar I checked.

    Is that good or bad? Click here to continue reading…

  • Headliners added to NamesCon: Atallah, Alexander

    1. BY - Nov 25, 2014
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    Akram Atallah and Fiona Alexander have been added to the NamesCon agenda.

    Akram AtallahNamesCon, taking place in Las Vegas January 11-14, has added a couple big names to its agenda for the first full day of the conference.

    On Monday, July 12, I will have a fireside chat with the president of ICANN’s Global Domains Division, Akram Atallah (pictured). Atallah is in charge of generic domain operations, domain name industry engagement and web services at ICANN. This includes new top level domain names.

    Fiona Alexander has also been added to the schedule for Monday, and will give opening remarks. Alexander is Associate Administrator, Office of International Affairs, NTIA, US Department of Commerce. It’s the Department of Commerce that is involved with Verisign’s contract to run .com, and it’s also the group that currently assigns the contract for IANA functions. This is the contract currently at the center of much discussion about the U.S. government “giving up control” of the internet.

    These are two big additions for NamesCon, and it shows the breadth of the conference. NamesCon is shaping up to appeal to all segments of the domain name industry.

  • HomeAdvisor’s costly name change is paying off

    1. BY - Nov 25, 2014
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    HomeAdvisor spent a lot of money on its rebrand, and saw a sharp drop in traffic initially, but it has paid off.

    HomeAdvisorA couple weeks ago Quebec announced a decision to opt-out of switching its web presence over to the new .quebec domain name, citing a price tag north of $10 million.

    Just how much work goes into changing to a new brand and domain name?

    One large company has gone through a domain change, and it provides a good case study for the costs — both in upfront money terms and lost business during the transition. Click here to continue reading…

  • Crazy Country Code Domains with Daniel Greenberg – DNW Podcast #8

    1. BY - Nov 24, 2014
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    Learn about domain name registries that charge $4,000+ per domain or require hand delivered registration applications.

    Domain Name Wire podcastCan you imagine having to send a Western Union payment in order to register a domain name? How about hand delivering an application for a domain name? Or spending $4,000+ per year for registration?

    Daniel Greenberg of Lexsynergy has seen it all, and on this podcast he’ll share some stories about registering country code top level domain names.

    This week’s podcast also discusses Nissan’s $6.8 million sale of, GoDaddy’s latest numbers and .Dot.

    You can subscribe via iTunes to listen to the Domain Name Wire podcast on your iPhone or iPad. I’d greatly appreciate you leaving a positive review on iTunes as well. (Last week the DNW Podcast hit the “New & Noteworthy section thanks to your reviews!)

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