Over 100 Expired Domain Sales in this week’s report

Joseph Peterson’s weekly roundup of expire domain name sales.

Last time, I looked at whether a sharp downturn in the Chinese stock market has inhibited Chinese domain sales. So far, all evidence I’ve evaluated suggests that it’s business as usual for the wholesale Chinese domain market: high peak prices and churning liquidity. Expired auctions at NameJet from the past week bolster that impression. Aggressive bidding placed Chinese-style domains in the #1, #3, #8, and #12 slots.

Those top 4 China-focused sales run the gamut: Pinyin, symmetrical 6-digit numerics, “HG”-prefixed numerics, and LLLs – all categories domain investors ought to be familiar with by now. I’m treading o shaky ground if I attempt Pinyin translation. Still, my best guess for ShangXiu.com ($5.6k) would be that it means “Top Luxury”. Chinese speakers are welcome to disabuse me of that hypothesis. DRF.net ($2.0k) is a reminder that LLL.net domains have emerged from their price slump. (If you’re interested, ask about monthly average prices for the past year.) Meanwhile, although HG0678.com seems strange, at $2.2k it ranks below other “HG” numerics NameJet has sold.

Domain Name End $ Domain Name End $
ShangXiu.com 5620 LatexGloves.com 3766
885858.com 3588 Cake.org 2623
FreshDaily.com 2600 Fictions.com 2578
NewLoans.com 2342 HG0678.com 2220
Puppeteer.com 2200 BigJoy.com 2188
BitcoinAdvice.com 2100 DRF.net 2017
Injure.com 1900 DataInsurance.com 1700
Immunoassay.com 1643 AuroraTech.com 1620
StrategicHealth.com 1608 OnlineWetten.org 1600
Stema.com 1500 PICN.com 1405
LVV.net 1398 NewMortgage.com 1250
AmazingVideo.com 1212 HotPlanet.com 1114
DOAB.com 1018 MUXA.com 1009
OpalGroup.com 1009 SoulSeeker.com 1006

Prominent though China is within these charts, English domains are hardly absent. You’ll see 5 expired dictionary words that sold above $1k and several more below. Those include Fictions.com ($2.6k), which might serve writers or readers; Injure.com ($1.9k); and Puppeteer.com ($2.2k), which is simultaneously a profession and a hobby. Quite the bargain, I’d say, since that domain can sell everything from puppets and puppetry lessons to event tickets and small private bookings. More of a surprise was Immunoassay.com ($1.6k), which is a relatively unfamiliar word for a certain kind of biochemical test. That’s not my field, but I suppose the term matters to the pharmaceutical industry.

Cake.org ($2.6k) is especially notable because of the TLD. Strangely, the second highest .ORG sale was a 2-word German domain: OnlineWetten.org ($1.6k). Yet the reason isn’t far to seek. Gambling domains typically outsell other niches, and “Wetten” = “Bet”. Beyond single-word domains, there are category killers like LatexGloves.com ($3.8k); descriptive phrases such as BitcoinAdvice.com ($2.1k) and DataInsurance.com ($1.7k); and brandable phrases as varied as FreshDaily.com ($2.6k), BigJoy.com ($2.2k), StrategicHealth.com ($1.6k); and SoulSeeker.com ($1.0k). It was also interesting to see 2 refinance domains at auction during the same week – NewLoans.com ($2.3k) and NewMortgage.com ($1.2k).

Domain Name End $ Domain Name End $
LoveChannel.com 1002 ZFJS.com 840
SCFL.com 771 Splunge.com 754
482888.com 740 LGAC.com 710
Canoe.net 710 S4P.com 692
CustomMenus.com 679 ZMBC.com 670
JCBM.com 651 2OM.com 630
GoldFirst.com 613 Expectant.com 610
MiniatureHorse.com 599 BusinessValue.net 580
CCHSNJ.com 573 36181.com 556
Ginty.com 522 MUI.org 510

Canoe.net can retail well above $710, but domainer uncertainty about .NET has depressed wholesale prices. Even so, BusinessValue.net reached $580. Graphic designers often get work creating CustomMenus.com ($679). (Worth noting, the singular sold for $112 on the same day.) MiniatureHorse.com($599) reminds me of a fellow I knew as a kid who kept a farm in the heart of L.A. where he lived past 90 raising miniature horses, growing kumquats, and tinkering with electric cars. Long live individuality!

Many of these LLLL domains and all of the mixed numeral / literal CCC.com’s are, of course, bound for China. However, China pays far less attention to 6-letter domains than it does to 6-numeral .COMs. It seems CCHSNJ.com must target the Camden County Historical Society of New Jersey. During the final minutes of the CityGovernment.com ($454) auction, I happened to be sitting next to a former gubernatorial candidate. Although I meant to ask his opinion of the domain, my phone rang; and he left. C’est la vie.

Domain Name End $ Domain Name End $
LDJK.com 490 SlingIt.com 462
Hello-Radio.org 462 FreshSuccess.com 462
454 79419.com 454
VBEN.com 444 MZKL.com 439
EndSmoking.org 422 ALPIX.com 410
ETSInc.com 401 Madeira
TUFKC.com 360 94521.com 350
O1N.com 310 Directorio-

Both EndSmoking.org ($422) and QuitNicotine.com ($79) sold last week – for widely different prices. The latter encompasses chewing tobacco as well as cigarettes. Many people probably think snuff is extinct; but I’ve known plenty of Navy sailors who’d “dip” while underway to stay alert. Despite its symmetry, 440044.com only fetched $206 – perhaps because “4” sounds like “death” to Chinese ears and is considered unlucky. Another promising domain that went quite cheap would be ParisClub.com at just $266.

Werbel.com ($250) is a surname. Americans will recognize Daytona as a Florida city; and DaytonaCollege.com ($213) predictably mirrors an existing .EDU website. If you love a good tune, then you’re a melomaniac. Melomanica.com ($233) seems to be related. Meanwhile, if you’re a developer interested in Steam who speaks Spanish, then PlataformaSteam.com used to be for you.

Domain Name End $ Domain Name End $
SilentUK.com 279 ParisClub.com 266
48246.com 260 Itanium
Solutions.org [sic]
WolfCloud.com 252 Werbel.com 250
Melomanica.com 233 Daytona
Ateck.com 210 54716.com 210
UniformLocker.com 210 JustLaunch.com 209
Holliswood.com 209 Alarm1.com 209
440044.com 206 Festival-
DetroitEvents.com 205 CityBlend.com 203
200 TConstruction.com 189
163 WeMakeup.com 160

TConstruction.com ($189) is far cheaper than T.construction, which renews at or around $600 per year. The HumanGenreProject.com ($163) is, of course, a pun on “genome”. Very deliberately, as it turns out: Fiction and poetry “inspired by genes and genomics [that] sometimes … relate to a single gene”.

Yes, I know TNTSpamOvers.com ($100) has nothing to do with repeat spam. In fact, it’s a Texas moving company that specializes in hot tubs. Narutopedia tells me that Shikamaru is an animated manga character from the Naruto series. Perhaps so. Polonais.com ($89) is French for “Polish”. With a feminine “e”, it would be Chopin.

Domain Name End $ Domain Name End $
Periferia.org 151 XNAZ.com 149
Shikamaru.com 149 Biotechnology
OVNB.com 140 KinderSurprise.com 129
YBQO.com 119 NetworkTracker.com 119
774999.com 119 CustomMenu.com 112
SWStore.com 111 HSCDade.org 110
Cunnilingus.net 109 VRRP.org 101
PHPTeam.com 100 TNTSpamOvers.com 100
Orange151.com 100 EmiratesNeon.com 91
766.biz 90 ProxyPortal.com 89
Polonais.com 89 Georgiou
RavePorn.com 80 LafayetteOEP.org 80

Cunnilingus.net ($109) and RavePorn.com ($80) illustrate how budget-conscious adult webmasters are with domain purchases. BachtenDeKupe.net ($71) sits on the border of Belgium and France – apparently one of the bloodiest battle fields of WWI. Cronologico.com ($69) is Spanish for “chronological”, which is scarcely a surprise … but is a good deal. So is CouponsNearMe.com ($69) – perfect for a GPS-sensitive app that draws in local wanderers to shop.

Domain Name End $ Domain Name End $
EasyLoanPro.com 79 GoldEarrings.org 79
Naspev.com 79 QuitNicotine.com 79
Paraband.com 79 Barbell.org 79
DSAMT.org 79 Extropic-Art.com 79
79 MarketResearch
AllPer.com 74 BachtenDeKupe.net 71
Innovalyst.com 70 BerkeleyLakeah.com 69
SCMama.com 69 ProfileJunky.com 69
MySellers.com 69 BolliGroup.com 69
MarkForGov.com 69 RickHager.com 69
ConnectKansas.org 69 LenderVendor.com 69
OurPDX.net 69 InteractiveMom.com 69
SVBizInk.com 69 Risaff.com 69
Semestral.com 69 Coupons
RandomStore.com 69 Cronologico.com 69

Whether you regard Splunge.com ($754) as a word or not depends on whether you speak fluent Monte Python. Anyone who wonders why corporate domain strategy tends to be so ineffectual ought to be aware of the board room’s “splunge” philosophy.

Neustar acquires Bombora and ARI

Neustar continues to grow its top level domain name services business with acquisition.

Neustar has acquired Australia-based Bombora Technologies Pty Ltd, the registry services provider of the .au top-level domain and numerous other top-level domains, for approximately AUD $118.5 million, or approximately USD $86.9 million in cash.

This includes its subsidiary ARI Registry Services, which provides registry services to a number of new top level domain names.

Bombora had revenue of USD $20.6 million last year, and Nuestar expects it to contribute USD $8 million of revenue and approximately USD $1.1 million of operating income in 2015.

“Neustar has had a long history of successfully launching, managing and administering top-level domains and today, we are excited to have the Bombora Technologies’ team join Neustar,” said Sean Kaine, Vice President of Registry Services, Neustar, Inc. “The combination of our two teams will enable us to expand Neustar’s Security Services business, of which Registry Services is a part, in the Asia-Pacific region, he added.”

Neustar previously purchased the .co registry for over $100 million.

Sedo adds automated ownership verification

Feature lets you add domains for sale without delay.

SedoThere’s a delay between the time you submit a domain name for sale on Sedo and when it shows up on the site. This delay is due to Sedo verifying that the person who submitted the domain name is actually the owner.

Now Sedo has released a feature that lets you instantly add domain names for sale. It’s probably a tool more suited to power users than the typical client, and it has the added bonus of making life easier for Sedo.

Essentially, you can self verify by adding a record to your domain name registration record. You can add a unique key as a TXT record or CNAME.

You can get your unique verification key and learn how to add it to your domains by viewing this news article on Sedo.

Minds + Machines: layoffs, plan for cash and more

Big updates from one of the biggest new top level domain name companies.

Publicly traded Minds + Machines (London AIM: MMX) released a corporate update today, and it’s big.

The company has close to $50 million in cash in the bank, which gives it plenty of time to wait out the hoped-for surge in acceptance of new top level domain names. But it’s not going to sit back and watch its cash position dwindle each quarter. Instead, it’s taking action to become profitable soon and find a way to return the cash to shareholders. I think these are smart moves that should please shareholders.

Here are key items from the update.

1. Minds + Machines had layoffs last month, for the right reasons. The company says this will save the company $1.3 million per year and it is hunting for more ways to save money. It’s also moving from technical expertise to a sales organization.

Most importantly, it targets becoming profitable next year.

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60 End User Domain Name Sales

Here are 60+ domain names that sold on Sedo this past week.

Sedo sales from the past week totaled more than $1 million with some 495 reported transactions, the highest of which was Float.com at $50k. Of these, I’ve tracked down about 60 end-user buyers.

Acquiro.com (€3900) – Sold to Selling Simplified, a lead-gen / marketing firm that already owns its exact-match .COM. We can’t see yet who acquired Acquired.com, which Sedo sold during the same week.

Act-On.co.uk ($9800) – This marketing technology company has expanded beyond 300 employees. Time to home in on the UK branch, apparently, by adding this ccTLD to their .COM.

BannerElk.com ($4000) – will simplify matters for the TownOfBannerElk.org in North Carolina.

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