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  • New TLD company Architelos sued after threatening IP Law Firm

    1. BY - Jan 23, 2015
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    Architelos sent cease and desist letter to intellectual property law firm, with a predictable result.

    ArchitelosWhat happens when you send a cease & desist letter alleging trademark infringement to an intellectual property law firm? You get sued.

    That’s what happened after new top level domain name services company Architelos sent a C&D to California-based Cotman IP this month.

    DeSantis Law Firm, which represents Architelos, sent the C&D (pdf) to Cotman IP earlier this month, claiming Cotman was infringing on its NameSentry mark.

    Architelos filed for a trademark on NameSentry, a top level domain name abuse monitoring system, in October 2012. The trademark application claimed first use in April 2012 and the mark was registered in May 2013. (It originally filed an application in April 2012, but abandoned it.) Cotman alleges that Architelos’ first use of the mark on its website was actually in November 2013. Click here to continue reading…

  • sells for $29,100 and more expired domain name sales

    1. BY - Jan 23, 2015
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    Joseph Peterson runs down the latest expired domain name sales at NameJet.

    If you’re as un-with-it as uncool me, then you’ll look at the $29.1k high bid for and say, “Huh?” Apparently, selfie sticks are rods that attach to a camera phone so that you can hold it far enough away to take a picture of yourself and the grinning people next to you. Asking a stranger to snap a photo please wasn’t that onerous, was it? Trends move fast. Already the market for these devices generated a domain bidding war, while WordPress continues to identify “selfie” as a typo! Click here to continue reading…

  • Trademark Clearinghouse bundles Porn domains with service at discount

    1. BY - Jan 22, 2015
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    Deal with ICM Registry cuts pricing if you sign up for TMCH and protect a brand in adult domain names.

    Adult Domain NamesThe Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) will cut you a deal on its services, if you take a little T&A with it.

    On a webinar about the new ICM Registry domains .Adult and .Porn today, ICM General Counsel Sheri Falco announced it has partnered with TMCH to create special bundled pricing. She said it’s the first deal of its kind for the Trademark Clearinghouse.

    The TMCH doesn’t set pricing for domain names or what its authorized agents can charge for mark registrations, but EnCirca founder Thomas Barrett illustrated how the bundles work at his registrar.

    EnCirca will provide a bundle including a one year TMCH registration along with one year sunrise registrations in both .Adult and .Porn for $348. It usually charges $249 for a one year TMCH registration, and $99/year for an .Adult or .Porn sunrise registration (or $175 for both). That means EnCirca is discounting the bundle by a little bit less than 20%.

    Barrett noted that many TMCH agents charge $348 for a one year TMCH registration alone. (Do-it-yourselfers can get a lower price directly from TMCH. Since it’s not a registrar, you can’t get the discount directly from it.)

    The Trademark Clearinghouse, a system for brand owners to get first dibs on their marks in new top level domain names, has seen demand well below initial projections. Perhaps this discount deal will bump its numbers a bit.

    Intellectual property is quite boring, but it appears that sex sells.

  • .XXX registry releases Domain Check for brand owners

    1. BY - Jan 22, 2015
    2. Policy & Law
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    Tool checks brand across more than just ICM Registry’s top level domain names.

    ICM Registry, the company behind .xxx and the forthcoming .porn and .adult domain names, has released an online tool for companies to check their brands across hundreds of new top level domain names.

    Domain Check, of course, provides status information related to ICM’s own top level domain names. But it also checks the domain name across many TLDs, providing launch phase and registration status.

    For example, here’s what you see when you type in Click here to continue reading…

  • Do we need new domain names for real estate?

    1. BY - Jan 22, 2015
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    Many domain names used in real estate are still available in .com.

    There are lots of new top level domain names coming out (or already released) for real estate purposes: .Realtor, .realty, .realestate, .casa, .immobilien, .immo and probably a few others I’ve missed.

    This week Rightside released .forsale, a domain it is pitching for real estate purposes, i.e.

    Domain names purchased for real estate marketing are big business. GoDaddy has frequently touted domain names as a key part of marketing a home for sale. This is part of the reason GoDaddy originally applied for .home and .casa.

    There are a number of types of real estate domain names. There are ones registered by agents, ones registered by management companies, real estate service providers and aggregators. But the ones that probably drive the most volume are individual home websites, which have become quite popular in the past 5 or so years.

    These are the types of sites that GoDaddy saw driving registrations:,, Click to continue reading…