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  • A look inside today’s virtual domain name tradeshow

    1. BY - Jul 24, 2014
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    Virtual tradeshow is clunky but presents a good opportunity to chat with domain name companies.


    I remember going to a virtual tradeshow about a decade ago. It was clunky and hard to use.

    Apparently that’s the case in 2014 as well.

    I just attended Webfair Virtual, an online tradeshow featuring a bunch of domain name companies.

    The process of registering, downloading software, and navigating the show floor was rather cumbersome. (Once you figure out how to chat with companies, you’ll find many of them aren’t available.)

    Nonetheless, it’s worth checking out if you want to chat one-on-one with representatives of domain name companies.

    Perhaps instead of a graphic-heavy virtual tradeshow, chat forum sessions with various companies would be more valuable. It would certainly be easier.

  • Interesting .CEO comments started by Paul Kedrosky

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    Last night venture capitalist Paul Kedrosky discovered .CEO and tweeted his thoughts on it to his 275,000 followers:


    Conversation obviously followed.

    One person noted:


    Kedrosky responded “Exactly.”

    Another comment:


    To which Kedrosky responded “And that exact thought had already crossed my mind.”

    There are some other colorful comments. Not every commenter was a detractor of .CEO. One person kinda liked it.

    In addition to the insurmountable silliness of anyone using a .CEO domain, the backers fumbled the marketing right out of the gate. These have combined to result in only 1,430 .ceo registrations.

  • Weekly Expired Domain Report

    1. BY - Jul 24, 2014
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    Domain sales charts — expired or otherwise — make for some strange bedfellows. Any given week presents an orgy of bizarre juxtapositions. What else but the domain market can bring together Bill Cosby and French Marxists? Malaysian tourism for New Yorkers alongside Azerbaijani gossip in the ccTLD of Western Samoa? (I’m referencing,,, and Few university libraries contain such diversity., which went for nearly $5k  at GoDaddy this past week, looks like a foreign-language term; but I have no idea what language that would be. Actually, there is (or was) open-source software called Filebrowser released by Lussumo. A notice at the top of the page says, “Development and support for the Filebrowser has been discontinued”; so perhaps Lussumo is no more.

    Would ($4k) appeal to soccer-loving pirates? Possibly. But the “arg” must be short for Argentina. FutbolArg.TV is already developed.

    Domain Name End $ Domain Name End $ 4800 4051 3550 3550 2325 2025 1525 1450 1426 1325 1225 1008 898 810 710 660 660 653 551 511 510 506 455 440 430 430 405 405 405 400 400 390 376 370 355 355 346 345 338 331 329 315 311 310 300 296 291 285 250 250 205 190 160 84

    National identities aren’t bought and sold every day. Accordingly, is worthy of mention. Most readers will know this African country as Chad. However, Chadians observe — not English — but French and Arabic as official languages. So the French spelling “Tchadien” is much more important than our “Chadian” version.

    As far as I can tell, never was a developed into a website about “The Cosby Show”. It led to unrelated material as early as 2001 and was backordered through in 2004 before expiring again at GoDaddy last week. Maybe some day …

    NameJet’s top-performing expired auctions during the past week happen to be fairly straightforward.,,, and require less justification than did. So I’ll skip to ($1k). At first I read it as “ArchDiosa”, which would be a cross between the Spanish for “Archdiocese” and “Goddess”. (Not quite orthodox theology, that!) Instead, we’re looking at the Catholic Archdiocese using the abbreviation for San Antonio, Texas.

    Domain Name End $ Domain Name End $ 7012 3956 3009 2955 2922 2011 1611 1499 1100 1011 965 898 851 840 810 795 709 685 670 509 500 488 450 393 341 320 310 310 309 266 219 201

    Speaking of (which I wasn’t), should find its way to Chilean jazz singer Claudia Acuña. Hopefully the buyer is a, and the domain won’t be held hostage.

    Next week, one domain auction that stands out to me is It’s simultaneously a generic phrase — indeed, a major topic of these articles — and a close cousin to the brand. In case you’re unaware, is the expired domain service recently launched by the folks at / Since competes with NameJet, SnapNames, and other companies to drop-catch domains, there may be some bidding activity for this one.  Notably, it has expired on neutral turf — GoDaddy.

    Domain Name Venue Domain Name Venue NJ Pre NJ Pre GD GD GD NJ Pre GD NJ Pre [sic] NJ Pre NJ Pre NJ Pre PD

    “Sideral” is Spanish / French for the stars. We have a similar adjective in English — “sidereal”. But, whereas our English “sidereal” is obscure and technical, the French / Spanish “sideral” is richly visual, astral, cosmic. You can compare connotations by clicking here and here. is a typo. California’s south-of-the-border Mexican destination is actually spelled “Tijuana”; and the Castello bros. own that .COM. Nevertheless, as long as we gringo tourists go to “Tea Uh Wanna” rather than “Tea Hwana” … some traffic will leak to the typo or to Google.

    Speaking of southerly vacations, I’m off on one of my own. Consequently, this article only covers a 5-day period: July 17 through July 21.

  • Google and Vint Cerf explain the NTIA transition (video)

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    Simple video explains what’s going on with the U.S. government’s role in the internet.

    Vint Cerf, the “father of internet” and former Chairman of ICANN, now works for Google. Cerf has narrated a new Google video about the history of internet governance, ICANN and the role of the U.S. government. (See video embedded below.)

    It’s a pretty clever way to sum up the proposed change in role of the U.S. government in a simple, sub-three-minute video.

    In other words, more people are likely to watch this than are to read Larry Strickling’s detailed speech to the American Enterprise Institute this week. The video was published yesterday and already has 35,000 views.

    One interesting thing about the video is that it states that the government plans to “end its contractual oversight and hand that responsibility over to ICANN.” Although that is certainly where this is headed, many groups (OK, governments) would like another group to maintain this oversight.

    The video is part of Google’s “Take Action” site, which asks citizens to take action on a number of internet access and governmental issues.

  • Neustar reports earnings, and revenue bump from .Co

    1. BY - Jul 23, 2014
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    Revenue was up 8% in the quarter, some of which is attributed to the company’s acquisition of .Co.

    NeustarNeustar reported second quarter earnings after the bell today.

    Revenue was up 8% and adjusted net income was up 1% compared to the same quarter a year ago.

    The company’s Security Services segment reported 28% growth, 12% of which it attributed to the acquisition of .Co. It’s not entirely clear if this represents a full quarter of .Co revenue, but .Co appears to be adding better than $1 million a month in top line revenue. [Update: .Co contribued $3.3 million top line. The acquisition was close to the beginning of the quarter, so this might not be for a full quarter. Neustar expects .Co to contribute $7M revenue in the second half of the year.]

    Neustar is also the registry for .biz and .us as well as the back end technology provider for many new top level domain names.

    The company continues to look for ways to grow its revenue base as its contract to run the number portability system in North America is up for grabs.