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Apes have taken over the domain business – DNW Podcast #353

So what does it mean for domain investing?

A picture of a Bored Ape Yacht Club ape with a BAYC hat, facial stubble and military uniform with the words "Apes have taken over the domain business"

Before you roll your eyes, this is not just a podcast episode about NFTs. We’re going to dive into what so many domain investors turning their attention to Bored Apes and other NFTs means for the domain business. And although we don’t have hard data, it’s safe to say that it’s having an impact. Shane Cultra joins me to break it all down.

Also: Lots of premium sales, new escrow option, blockchain fight and more

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    • Richard says

      PANIC!! 🙂
      Companies won’t decide between an ape NFT or your precious domain. At best It affects expired auction prices.

    • chad edad says

      how is it destroying the domain industry? Curious as distribution will not come from technology like blockchain, it will come from leadership above making decisions the maintain centralized control while decentralized systems gather momentum, value and openess.

    • snoopy1267 says

      People can do what they want!

      Not destroying anything and most people have been complaining that prices are too high so if it drops that is a good thing!

  1. Chad- eDad says

    DNA- Digital Native Assets are taking over every business, not 10k ape contracts- Domains, Tokens are just 2 assets/tech that are using blockchain to create value and disrupt markets.

    Tokens and the data/value they represent are just the starting point of distributed, open systems that are being built. It’s the business models to pay attention to.. jpegs, etc. are cool but watch what is coming next including the great communities being formed from a image/theory or concept…

    RealtyDAO is announcing a few 1st generation premium token assets coming into the RDAO network. Programming rules with smart contracts around URLs are what separate URLs from pure Token only contracts. Trade offs using both but 1+1=3 when you wrap the two and put inside RDAO networks for composability.

  2. Shane says


    If you are saying we are destroying the domain industry then you are saying we ARE the domain industry. Which is just not true. There are plenty of skilled professionals that will eat our lunch if we don’t keep working hard at buying and selling domains. If you are being effected this says everything about you and your skills and not about us.

  3. Brad Mugford says

    I don’t really get how this is effecting the domain market in any major way.

    I guess it might be effecting selling to other resellers, but that is a limited market.

    Reseller prices at auctions are still high. End user interest is still high.

    It is not like an end user looking for a domain is having to decide between a .COM and picture of an ape. They are different markets, even if some of the same people are involved.


  4. Blewy says

    The biggest threat to traditional domain names was the decentralized internet. But now we know that the decentralized internet will support traditional domain names and not replace them.

    “ENS announced today that website owners with a Domain Name System (DNS) can now integrate directly with ENS without having to change to a .eth name, as they previously would have had to do.”

    The diminishing number and increased prices of quality domain names will push inventors to look for other opportunities. Most of the best domain names are priced now for end-users and not investors and resellers.

    • SS says

      The ENS news is huge! I registered a few .eth names to match some .com names I already owned, but this is even better. I’m also glad I refused to pay Unstoppable Domains, which is just a fork of ENS and seems to me like a cash grab fueled by a massive marketing budget. I’ve also grabbed a bunch of Handshake (HNS) names, which are independent of ETH and worth looking into.

  5. David J Castello says

    This only affects domainer to domainer sales, which tend to be five-figure sales at best. Has zero effect where the big money is – six-figure to seven-figure enduser sales.

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