Afternic changes payment thresholds, ends Park & Sell rebate program

Payment thresholds change for sales and parking platforms and rebate program ends.

Afternic GoDaddyAfternic and domain name parking platform SmartName have changed their payment thresholds and options in the wake of GoDaddy’s acquisition. Afternic has also quietly shuttered its Park & Sell rebate program.


For Afternic, the minimum domain sales payout for international wires is now $10,000 or more and comes with a $45 processing fee. Checks ($25 processing fee), PayPal, and direct deposit do not have a minimum payout. It seems that PayPal and direct deposit are really your two best options in most cases — assuming you live in a country where this is easy.

Domain parking platform SmartName has different thresholds. SmartName’s minimum payout for international wires is $2,500 or more (with the same $45 processing fee), $100 or more for checks ($25 processing fee), $25 or more for PayPal and $10 or more for direct deposit.

Park & Sell Rebate

Afternic has also quietly shut down its Park & Sell rebate program.

Afternic introduced the Park & Sell rebate program in 2010. If you parked a domain with Afternic and it sold through the platform, you’d receive a 5% rebate on the sales price. This effectively reduced commissions from 20% to 15%.

The program benefited Afternic in two ways. First, many domain names sell after someone clicks a “for sale” banner on a parked domain, so it increased sales. Second, it meant more parking revenue for the company. Apparently the costs outweighed the benefits.


  1. Ryan says

    Has afternic overrided the DNS Lead Syndication platform as well?

    I had names with godaddy, listed at afternic, for make an offer, I also had DNS lead syndication implemented, but now if someone types in a domain at godaddy, it states this domain is for sale for $250, instead of going to a DNS broker.

    This is an issue, because the domain is not $250, and confuses the heck out of people, and I would rather have a DNS broker handle the lead personally, rather than someone just clicking away when being asked to go to another site.

    Test your portfolios, so the solution is remove all names from afternic?

    • says

      I don’t like how godaddy shows the min offer price in the registration path when someone searches for a domain. I get emails from (non domainer) friends all the time saying something like “godaddy says the domain is on auction for $60″. Of course, that’s just the min Sedo offer. Sedo will soon be off of godaddy, but afternic will still be there. I hope they find a better way to communicate this to end users who see the “for sale” message.

  2. Ryan says

    Yes, Gary, I am sure DNS has seen that their leads in the past week have slowed up a bit, bit of a dilemma, since godaddy now owns afternic.

    I can’t wait for Uniregistry to startup, I hope they offer free domain privacy.

  3. says

    It is public knowledge that Godaddy has acquired Afternic. Prior to their purchase any DomainNameSales listing would take precedence over any other listing, however that has changed to any auction listing on Godaddy, Afternic or Sedo would take precedence over our listings. We would have announced this sooner, however we were trying to understand how these changes affected us, whether they are permanent and the best solution for our customers.

    Our house portfolio is not listed at Sedo, or in the Godaddy Auctions section any longer. Afternic has stopped sending our names to Godaddy for the time being and our system takes precedence. In the very near future it seems that both Afternic and Godaddy will be fully integrated and that will change. In the short term this is how we are getting the best exposure for our domains.

    Afternic MLS with Godaddy Shut off.
    No Sedo
    No Godaddy account on Godaddy
    DomainNameSales Direct Inquiries through our Syndication
    Obviously Sales Links/Whois inquiries

    We hope to find a solution with them that continues to allow DNS customers to access our team of brokers to work the leads generated through our partnership with Godaddy.

    If you have any questions please contact me:

    Jeffrey Gabriel
    Vice President of Sales
    1-800-818-1828 x6261
    Skype: JeffreyMGabriel

  4. says

    GoDaddy was always a problem IMHO. It’s not so much what they are turning into. It’s the influence they have when they buy up other services such as Afternic.

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