Demand Media successfully defends Motorola challenge for .moto

Google subsidiary loses legal rights objection over .moto.

Motorola, now part of Google, has lost its legal rights objection against Demand Media subsidiary United TLD over the .moto top level domain.

United TLD plans to offer the domain names for motorcycle enthusiasts, while Motorola uses it as a brand for mobile devices.

Motorola also applied for .moto through Google subsidiary Charleston Road Registry.

Amusingly, Motorola tried to paint United TLD in a bad light by noting the number of new TLD applications it made that face early warnings by the Governmental Advisory Committee. United TLD retorted that Google also faces numerous GAC challenges.

United TLD also pointed to the term ‘moto’ being ruled generic by UDRP panels, and that almost all of the thousands of second level domains that end in moto or motos are not used by Motorola.

Panelist Roberto Bianchi ruled that Motoroa’s mark would not be unfairly impaired by, or taken advantage of, by Applicants potential use of the .moto top level domain.

Given the panel’s decisions, Motorola will have to compete in an auction or negotiate a deal with United TLD to obtain the domain.


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