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Demand Media wants to trademark name for domain name trademark protection service

New TLD applicant files trademark applications fro DPML.

Demand Media subsidiary United TLD has filed six trademark applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office related to its proposed Domain Protected Marks List (DPML).

Three of the applications are for the full term “Domain Protected Marks List ” and the other three are for “DPML”. The applications were filed on an intent-to-use basis on May 15.

The DPML is a service that would let trademark holders block domains that include their trademark from being registered at the second level. Here’s how Demand Media describes it in its top level domain applications:

The DPML is a rights protection mechanism to assist trademark holders in protecting their intellectual property against undesired registrations of strings containing their marks. The DPML prevents (blocks) registration of second level domains that contain a trademarked term (note: the standard for DPML is “contains”— the protected string must contain the trademarked term). DPML requests will be validated against the Trademark Clearinghouse and the process will be similar to registering a domain name so the process will not be onerous to trademark holders. An SLD subject to DPML will be protected at the second level across all United TLD’s TLDs (i.e. all TLDs for which this SLD is available for registration). United TLD may cooperate with other registries to extend DPML to TLDs that are not operated by United TLD. The cost of DPML to trademark owners is expected to be significantly less than the cost of actually registering a name.

Donuts, which has a partnership with Demand Media, also included the DPML in its applications.

I suspect Demand Media decided to file trademark applications because some in the industry were starting to refer to this sort of protection system generally as a Domain Protected Marks List.

Demand Media’s trademark applications vary with different descriptions of the goods and services. Here are the three variations:

IC 045. US 100 101. G & S: Providing services related to the exclusive operation of a top-level domain for others, namely, registration of domain name for identification of users on global data networks; domain name registration services for others on a global computer network; administering alternative dispute resolution services; domain name registry services, namely, coordinating the registration of domain names and blocking of domain names for identification of users and internet protocol addresses on the internet; providing an on line computer database in the field of domain name registration information, namely, featuring information relating to the identification of users on a global computer network; advisory services relating to domain names and trademarks, namely, providing a legal watch service whereby a trademark owner may determine when certain designated domain names are registered or registration is attempted; and computer services in the field of domain name reservation, registration, maintenance and management services, namely, hosting on-line interactive web facilities for others for administering a top-level domain name whereby domain name registrars may register domain names, reserve blocks of domain names for future registration, maintain registered domain names and allow for renewal of registered domain names, manage and block domain names by facilitating the transfer and renewal of domain names; all of the foregoing featuring the domain that appears in the mark

IC 042. US 100 101. G & S: Providing on-line computerized databases in the field of computer network address management services that enables users to reserve, block and use computer network addresses and to search, block, access, add, modify or delete information relating to computer network addresses; computer services, including, providing search engines for obtaining data on the internet; providing temporary use of on-line non-downloadable software for blocking, registering and tracking addresses on the internet; computer services, namely, providing customized searching service whereby information regarding the availability of desired domain names can be determined at the specific request of end-users by means of global computer networks; computer software development for third parties in relation to domain name; domain name reservation, blocking, registration, maintenance and management applications; and domain name monitoring services whereby domain name registrars may select a second level domain that contains a match of a term that the customer has as an approved mark in the trademark clearinghouse

IC 035. US 100 101 102. G & S: Computer services, namely, maintaining a commercial information directory in the nature of a registry of computer network addresses; providing interactive online information directories for locating computer network addresses; domain name directory services, namely, compilations of website addresses being business directories; providing business information regarding domain name registrations and management thereof for domain name registrars to search, block, access, add, modify or delete information relating to computer network addresses

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    There an easy solution for providers wishing to offer “trademark block” services.

    “Trademark Block” and “TM Block” arent trademarked and probably wont be. Those two terms are for sale in .com version. Since I own them.

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