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Brandable domain investor success story – DNW Podcast #336

How Keith DeBoer built a six-figure-a-year brandable domain portfolio.

Picture of Keith DeBoer with the words "DNW Podcast #336 Brandable domain investor success story with Keith DeBoer"

Domain investor Keith DeBoer started dabbling in domains in 2014. Within a few years, he started making six figures per year and he’s now a full-time domain investor. On today’s show, Keith talks about how he acquires good brandable domain names, where he sells them, and provides examples of some of his recent sales. If you like this episode, check out Keith’s podcast Brandable Insider.

Tool of the week: howmuchisadomainnameworth.com

Also: Escrow.com’s big quarter, massive four letter domain sale, GoDaddy’s move, buy now landers and more.

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  1. Robert McGuigan says

    Wow , such a great listen !
    You guys should do this more often.
    I have a question ?
    Some people say don’t list your names on multiple platforms.
    Some say just pick one.
    Any advice ?

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