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The most popular second level domains for dot-brands

Home leads the way, but companies are also using them for hiring.

Chart showing most popular second level domains under .brands, including home, my, jobs, careers, and cloud
Home is the most popular second level domain under dot-brands. Chart courtesy MarkMonitor.

One of the nagging questions about dot-brand top level domains that match trademarks is what second level domains companies will use.

We all know that the home page for Fox is Fox.com. But if the company were to switch to .Fox, how would you access the site? www.fox? home.fox? go.fox? A second level domain is necessary.

It appears that most companies are choosing home as their primary second level domain for dot-brand top level domains.

MarkMonitor keeps tabs on all of the second level domains registered under dot-brand domains and found that 66 have registered home.brand. That’s the most popular second level domain. (That doesn’t mean that those companies are using it for their primary website.)

Looking at all registered second level domains, the other top popular domains are my, careers, jobs, and cloud. This gives some indication of how brands are using their top level domains, even if they haven’t switched over from .com or another extension.

Neustar, a registry services provider, uses home.neustar for its site.

You can download MarkMonitor’s most recent new TLD report, including more data on second level domains under .brands, here.

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