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Jimmy Wales goes with .social for new social network

Wikipedia founder uses a two-letter .social domain.

Logo for WT:Social
Jimmy Wales’ new site uses a .social domain name.

Whether you think it’s a good idea or not, the truth is that some people and companies are opting for new top level domains rather than .com.

The latest high profile example is Jimmy Wales, creator of Wikipedia. He chose WT.social for his new social network called WikiTribune.

The internet is littered with failed social networks, and, to be honest, Wales’ latest creation is a bit half-baked. I got a 500 error when I tried to sign up.

But the idea behind it is cool. It seeks to address a common problem with social networks: they are designed to be addictive and generate all of their revenue from data and ads. That’s why you no longer receive all of your friends’ posts in your Facebook feed; you see the ones that cause the most attention or outrage.

I long for the days that people got their information over RSS rather than what an algorithm decided to show them.

Wales will go with a donation model similar to Wikipedia.

It’s the latest example of someone choosing a non-.com domain. I see it all of the time on my PodcastGuests.com service as well. And while choosing a new domain comes with certain challenges, it’s a fact that some are choosing them over legacy domains.

As for WTSocial.com…someone else just registered it.


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  1. Dave says

    he is the creator of Wikipedia and that is great
    but this venture is doomed. its like when William K Busch owner of Budweiser tried to start his own beer company Kraftig after selling AB INBEV its lame and no one wanted it. it was a complete failure. stick with Wiki that site is Amazing.
    ***Dont get me started on Dumb Mark Cubans Angel Dust or whatever his lame attempt at social media. what a Failure an app that erases what you type
    someone tell him we already have that, its called SNAPCHAT .

  2. snoopy1267 says

    Getting server errors as well. The blurb on the from reminds me a lot of Voice.com, half baked ideas. People won’t join on mass just because Facebook is evil.

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