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4 new TLD applications withdrawn

Google and one .brand applicant withdraw applications.

Kudos to Michele Neylon for spotting an option on ICANN’s web site to see which new top level domain name applications have been withdrawn.

Thus far four applications have been withdrawn, including three by Google.

The three by Google should not come as a huge surprise. ICANN Senior VP Kurt Pritz previously announced that three application had been withdrawn, and you can thank Kevin Murphy for that. Murphy earlier reported that three Google applications wouldn’t be accepted, and later surmised that Google accounted for the three applications Pritz referred to. (Something tells me Google won’t send a check to Murphy for his assistance.)

Google withdrew applications for .and, .are, and .est, all of which are protected three-letter country codes.

The fourth withdrawn application is a brand application for .ksb by KSB Aktiengesellschaft. Frankly, I don’t see any reason that the company needs the .ksb top level domain. It already owns KSB.com.

I reached out to KSB’s consultant on its application, which declined to comment.

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  1. KD says

    >>> Frankly, I don’t see any
    >>> reason that the company needs
    >>> the .ksb top level domain. It
    >>> already owns KSB.com.

    They would need .ksb because ICANN created the perfect legal trademark squatting scam of all time. If they don’t get .ksb – someone else can own their brand. “protect your brand”. Just like you had to with .xxx. ICANN pitched this to brand owners with the hesitation of FEAR.

    But wait – KSB Aktiengesellschaft are very smart!! They now know nobody else is going for .ksb – so who cares if they get it or not. It is a total waste of $185,000 if nobody else wanted the extension.

    Brand extortion by ICANN. And I bet if you ask anyone at KSB – they will absolutely agree with you and that is why they pulled out. (speculation of course)

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