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Google and Amazon compete on 21 new top level domain applications

Google and Amazon had a lot of the same ideas for new top level domains.

One of the biggest battles over new top level domains will pit internet heavyweights Google and Amazon against each other.

Amazon applied for 76 top level domains and Google applied for 101 top level domains. But I count 20 — and perhaps 21 — domain names that the two will have to duke it out for.

Here’s the list of domains that both companies applied for:


And although it’s not as similar to .kid and .kids, Amazon applied for .news and Google applied for .new. (It seems like it should be the other way around, shouldn’t it?)

Many of these are also contested by other applicants. .App has 13 applications, for example.

For some domains it’s possible these two will whittle it down to just themselves and then do horse trading — i.e. you take .search I’ll take .shop.

Or we could see some very expensive auctions…

[Updated to add .dev, which I missed the first time around.]

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