Khloe Kardashian demands her .com domain name

Better late than never, a Kardashian files request for her .com domain name.

Khloe Kardashian, reality TV star and sister of Kim Kardashian, has filed a cybersquatting complaint against the owner of, demanding that the domain name be turned over to her.

The case was just filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization.

The domain name was registered in 2007. It’s unclear who owns the domain name because its Whois record is protected by a privacy service. does not currently resolve to a website, but has been parked at some point. It’s also listed for sale on GoDaddy’s domain name marketplace.

This week’s new TLDs: .Golf, .Gold and .Date

Famous Four Media releases three domain names this week and Donuts sends four to Early Access.

Famous Four Media launches three top level domain names in general availability on Wednesday. All of the domain names can be registered for about $25-$30.

.Date: This domain name will compete with two from Donuts: .Dating (3,000 registrations) and .Singles (6,000 registrations).

.Faith: KeepThe.Faith? Donuts has had success with .Church with over 11,000 registrations. Faith is broader, but .Church has direct appeal to churches.

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Same-sex marriage domain names are trending

Big news=domain registrations.

People are flocking to their favorite domain name registrars today to register domain names related to same-sex marriage after a Supreme Court ruling legalized gay marriage across the U.S.

Verisign Domain View shows a spike in registrations around when the ruling was released, and the numbers will surely grow throughout the day.

Among the domains registered:

Here are a couple domains that could be used by someone on potentially both sides of the issue:

Domain View does not show results for the term “gay”, so it’s difficult to get an exact number of registrations. Interestingly, Domain View also shows “wedding” is not a safe search word.

Voting begins in Verisign .Com Contest: See the videos

Winners make their cases in videos.

Internet Official VerisignVoting has opened to pick the grand prize winner in Verisign’s Internet Official contest.

The fifteen winners so far each received $5,000. The grand prize winner will pick up a cool $30,000.

Each of the winners was asked to create a video about why they picked their domain name. I just watched all fifteen, and I have to say there’s a wide gap in quality. But voting won’t just be about which video is better…I suspect social media promotion will win the day.

I think running this contest was ingenious. Verisign was able to show that good .com domain names are available for registration (even if they’re hard to find). Some of the winners have domains that match new domain name extensions, too.

Honestly, I think some of the new TLD operators should have thought of and executed on this idea first. It would have made a huge impact having people ask their friends on social media to vote for their domain names based on new TLDs.

How an Austin health group uses .Clinic

A local medical group uses a .clinic domain.

Austin Regional Clinic displays a new .clinic domain name on this promotional banner.

I was driving home from the office yesterday when I saw a huge banner on the site of an Austin Regional Clinic building. I did a double take when I noticed this domain name:

For the most part, I think this is a good use of a new top level domain name:

1. The group’s official website is, which is pretty long to put on one line in a banner like this. ( forwards to the longer domain.) Click here to continue reading…