.Online domain name registrations by the numbers

A look inside .Online’s strong debut.

By all accounts, .Online had a great first day yesterday. It got over 30,000 registrations. Its overnight zone file now sits at about 35,000 names.

I dug through the zone file to look for patterns. Here’s what I found…

Here are three companies that registered a lot of domains. There might be others, but these companies pointed the names to their corporate nameservers: Click to continue reading…

Cha-ching: Minds + Machines picks up another $3.5 million from losing auctions

New TLD company reaps millions from losing .art and .data auctions.

Minds + MachinesNew top level domain name company Minds + Machines has padded its bank account with another $3.5 million as a result of losing two more top level domain auctions.

The company got the money from losing private auctions for .art and .data.

Minds + Machines still has an interest in 7 contested strings, so it might pick up even more cash from losing auctions in the future.

With about $50 million in its bank account, the company is considering the best way to return excess cash to shareholders. It is considering a special dividend or share buybacks. One of its board members, Elliot Noss, has done significant share buybacks at Tucows.

Despite the big cash hoard, the company is tightening its belt for the long run. This is a mature decision that bodes well for the company’s future.

In other Minds + Machines news, former board member and co-founder Frederick Krueger sold another 20 million shares. He only has 21.5 million left.

.Online gets 28,000 registrations in first 30 minutes

New domain name likely sets launch record for new domain names.

The new .online top level domain name received over 28,000 registrations in the first 30 minutes of general availability today. It now has over 30,000 registrations, including 1,130 high priced registrations during the early access period.

In addition to being a very popular word tacked onto the end of existing registrations in .com, .Online registry has been heavily promoting the domain name. I received two promotional emails yesterday from registrars. Also, former .online partners Tucows and NameCheap will push the domain.

Radix is also buying outdoor advertising in San Francisco to promote .online. All told, it’s putting millions of dollars into its marketing.

The thing I see holding .online back is steep premium prices on many domain names. In many cases I checked, you can get [Word]online.com for much less.

Domainers might want to check unclaimed money databases

I found some money waiting for me from a domain name company.

You’ve probably seen promotions from your state for its unclaimed funds databases. States maintain a database where you can claim money owed to you, such as a utility deposit refund, forgotten bank accounts, insurance premiums, etc.

I saw an ad for Texas’ unclaimed money database the other day and decided to search my name. I was surprised to find that I had $33.96 waiting for me from Endurance International Group (EIGI).

EIGI is a rollup of a lot of shared hosting companies (e.g. Hostgator) and domain businesses (e.g. Dotster).

I reached out to EIGI to figure out what the money was from, and they weren’t able to track it down. This is unsurprising since they’ve acquired so many companies over the years. I started using Dotster in 2000, and I’m sure I’ve used some of their hosting companies along the way.

The EIGI money is tied to an old address, so I suspect it was sent there and returned undeliverable. Perhaps it was a refund.

In my case, we’re not talking about big bucks. But it’s probably worth checking our your state’s database to see if you are due money.

Get .online this week…

Radix releases a big new top level domain name this week.

Dot OnlineOne of the most anticipated top level domain names of the entire new top level domain name program is releasing in general availability on Wednesday.

Radix’s .online will exit Early Access and revert to regular pricing on Wednesday. On day 5 of early access, the company processed over 500 registrations within the first hour. Its sunrise garnered 775 registrations.

Radix had teamed up with Tucows and NameCheap in a partnership for the domain name, but Radix later bought out the latter two. Both Tucows and NameCheap will still market the domain heavily, with Tucows getting paid $1.5 million to do so.

Many registrars are offering first year registration prices of about $15 for .online, but it looks like renewal prices will be in the $20-$30 range.

Also this week, Donuts releases three domain names Wednesday in regularly-priced general availability: .movie, .coupons and .soccer. .FYI and .MBA enter early access.