Domain definitions: Registrar and Registry

The definition of registry is becoming fuzzy.

Two of the most commonly misused words in mainstream articles about domain names are registrar and registry. Many publications use one when it should be the other.

A registrar is the company where you register a domain name, such as GoDaddy or

A registry is the company that manages the top level domain name.

So if you register a .com domain name at GoDaddy, GoDaddy is the registrar and Verisign is the registry for the domain name.

Now, most DNW readers are aware of this. But I’ve started to run into a conundrum with the release of new top level domain names. Click here to continue reading…

This week’s new TLDs: .Apartments

You can move into a .apartments domain name this week.

Donuts releases one domain name in regularly-priced general availability this week and some good ones enter Early Access.

.Apartments launches on Wednesday, with many registrars offering prices around $50. This should be a great domain name for geo domains. You might want to look for lesser-known location names and state abbreviations. For example, you can pick up (short for Texas) at a premium price of about $150 per year. (You might as well register it in EAP today if you want it; the first year price is about the same.)

I think .apartments will do quite well.

Three other Donuts domains enter Early Access on Wednesday: .School, .Football and .Casino.

.School seems like a good domain name for private schools, although some colleges might also consider it. It can also be used for any educational site, such as

.Football will be interesting to watch and see if it’s more popular in the U.S. (American football and the NFL) or for the kind of football you actually play with your foot. This domain should do better than .Tennis given the number of teams. .Tennis launched last week and has about 800 registrations.

.Casino is (smartly) priced at a premium. Expect to pay $150-$200 to pick up these names in general availability.

This week: .Tennis, .One, .Bingo and more

Donuts launches a handful of good domain names this week and hosting provider releases .One.

Dot One

The company behind is shifting the dot to the left with .One.

Donuts gets back into the game with four domain names exiting Early Access and now available at regular prices starting on Wednesday: .bingo, .chat, .style and .tennis.

The company is also launching .apartments in early access this week. If you want to get a popular term, you can pay extra beginning Wednesday to secure it ahead of general availability.

Also on Wednesday, the hosting and domain name registration company behind will launch .One. This isn’t a .brand top level domain name; it’s open to registration by anyone. The generic domain name is affordable. 101Domain is offering them for $9.99.

2 thoughts on Schilling/Negari domain name tie-up

Two long time domain name investors partner to release three automotive top level domain names.

XYZ (Daniel Negari) and Uniregistry (Frank Schilling) have teamed up to launch three automotive top level domain names: .car, .cars and .auto. .Car was acquired from Google. Here are my thoughts on this deal.

Negari and Shilling partnering on domains isn’t a huge surprise. They’ve both found success with low cost generic domain names. This weekend, Schilling tweeted how .click is selling well thanks to low prices.

That said, I wouldn’t expect niche domains like .car, .cars and .auto to be priced low. Click here to continue reading…