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  • Celebrate Broadway celebrates .Broadway win

    1. BY - Jul 29, 2014
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    Contention set for .broadway top level domain name won by trade association.

    Celebrate Broadway, Inc., a subsidiary of The Broadway League Inc., has won the contention set for the .Broadway top level domain name.

    Other applicants included Donuts and Key GTLD Holding Inc.

    One of the larger shareholders in Celebrate Broadway is a subsidiary of the same company that owns

    The Broadway League Inc. is a non-profit that bills itself as the national trade association for the Broadway industry.

    .Broadway will be a restricted domain name. The company plans to give domain names away for free or at a low cost to members of The Broadway League. Other entities that are connected to “legitimate Broadway theatre” may be able to register domain names for a fee.

    Celebrate Broadway is a Minds + Machines client.

  • A “slow” week for new TLD launches

    1. BY - Jul 28, 2014
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    More Donuts, but not much else.

    There’s not much on the docket this week for new top level domain name launches.

    According to the calendar, the only TLDs hitting general availability this week are a handful from Donuts on Wednesday.

    Four Donuts domain names enter regularly-priced general availability: .reisen (travel in German), .Toys, .University and .Town.

    A couple potential “gripe” terms enter EAP: .wtf and .fail. Given the relative lack of interest in .gripe, I don’t expect these to pick up many defensive registrations.

    .University and .town also enter EAP this week.

    While I normally don’t report on sunrise and landrush periods, Thursday is notable because of the number of landrush periods involving Minds + Machines that will come to an end: .cooking, .country, .fishing, .horse, .rodeo, .vodka and .london.

    There will be a long delay before general availability in these names. .London hits on September 9. The others don’t go into GA until September 15.

  • Roundup: this week in the Domain Name Business

    1. BY - Jul 26, 2014
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    It was another exciting week in the domain name industry. Here’s a look back.

    Domain Registry of America may finally get cut off from ICANN. The notorious company that sends misleading domain renewal notices to domain owners has been suspended by ICANN and a full termination may be coming.

    Sedo is planning a big new TLD booth at September’s DMEXCO conference in Germany. Interested new TLD companies are invited to reach out to the company about participating.

    Amazon and Google settled some new TLD contention sets this week. The two companies settled their differences over .talk, .you, .play, .dev and .drive. let .group go to Donuts in a 5-way race.

    .Tokyo launched on Tuesday and got almost 10,000 domain name registrations. There were some other strong starts this week, and some slow out of the gate.

    Dealhunter A/S of Denmark has been found guilty of reverse domain name hijacking over Other RDNH’s this week include and

    Both Neustar and Verisign reported earnings this week. This was the first quarter in which Neustar’s numbers included .Co. Verisign had a slow quarter, stock investors like its forecast.

    Heritage Auctions held a successful domain name auction on Thursday, grossing $774k. Top sales include at $373,500 and at $230,000. The downside was that the highly anticipated auction for was removed for legal reasons.

    Webfair Virtual, an online tradeshow, was held on Thursday. It was frustrating to attend, but apparently if you got past the initial frustration it was worth the time.

    Google is registering “Music Key domain names. Is this the name of its new YouTube music service?

    There were four public six figure domain name sales this week, DNJournal reports.

    Disgraced celebrity chef Paula Deen was among the end users that bought domain names last week at Sedo.

  • Verisign stock jumps after earnings report

    1. BY - Jul 25, 2014
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    Stock investors still think .com is king.

    Verisign reported earnings yesterday and shares in the company are up 12% in trading so far today.

    Why the jump in share price after a dismal quarter for net domain name adds?

    Well, Citigroup upgraded the company from sell to neutral today saying “fundamentals have likely bottomed”. Financials apparently exceeded most expectations.

    Verisign had just 0.42 million net adds in .com and .net last quarter. It expects Q3 net adds to rebound to between 0.6 million and 1.1, which is definitely a move in the right direction. With slipping renewal rates, these targets would indeed be rather strong and require strong new registrations.

    The company also announced a 10% price hike on .net. No knowledgeable analyst didn’t see that coming, though.

    Of course, when the first credible report comes out suggesting that new TLDs are making a dent in .com…

  • Verisign reports slowing growth, hikes .Net prices 10%

    1. BY - Jul 24, 2014
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    .Com base inches forward, .Net prices are increasing.

    VerisignVerisign reported earnings after the bell today, and the results for .com/.net aren’t that promising.

    It gets harder to grow something as it gets bigger, but net adds across these two domain names slowed by quite a bit.

    Verisign reported just 0.42 million net new ads during the second quarter. Last year in the same quarter it added 1.2 million domain names.

    The good news for Verisign is that new registrations of .com and .net remain fairly strong. 8.5 million new .com/.net domain names were registered last quarter, compared to 8.7 million for the same quarter last year.

    The number is down, but not by that much. The company predicts a rebound in Q3.

    Even better, Verisign is invoking its allowed price hike on .net domain names. The price will jump from $6.18 to $6.79 on February 1, 2015.

    Who needs to grow the zone when you can just increase prices 10% a year?

    Verisign used to be able to do that with .com, too. The U.S. government stepped in to put a halt to that.