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  • Minds + Machines’ new domain names off to slow start

    1. BY - Sep 16, 2014
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    Demand appears to have been low at launch.

    Minds + Machines launched its first six owned and operated top level domain names yesterday. The results can only be described as weak, at least based on overnight zone file numbers.

    Here’s the activity in the zone files:

    .Vodka 421 to 469
    .Cooking 378 to 439
    .Fishing 350 to 388
    .Horse 287 to 327
    .Country 182 to 220
    .Rodeo 76 to 107

    It’s possible that the zone files, which would have captured the first (busy) hours of registration, did not update correctly.

    Another explanation is that some registrars might have had trouble processing pre-orders.

    Or another, perfectly plausible explanation, is that there just wasn’t much demand for these particular domain names.

    Consider that .Fish, which Donuts launched two months ago, has just 1,623 registrations in the zone file to date.

    .Recipes, which has been on the market for 5 months and is in the same general category as .cooking, has just 3,074 names in the zone file.

    Some of the other domains on the list, such as .vodka and .rodeo, seem more limited in market size than these to examples.

    With this in mind, the numbers don’t seem that surprising. It will take strong vertical marketing to get these domain names to take off over time.

  • This is the biggest week yet for new TLDs (16 domains!)

    1. BY - Sep 15, 2014
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    16 domains hit the market this week.

    At the end of last month, I wrote about how the next 50 days would be important for new TLDs.

    Within that 50 days, this week is perhaps the biggest: 16 domain names will enter general availability.

    Call it Launch Week, and it’s really big for two of the portfolio applicants who launch their first owned-and-operated batches.

    Let’s get to it. …Click here to read about this week’s new TLD launches

  • Watch .Luxury Founder Monica Kirchner on Bloomberg

    1. BY - Sep 12, 2014
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    .CEO co-founder talks .luxury and new domain names on Bloomberg TV.

    Monica Kirchner, co-founder and CEO of Dot Luxury, was on Bloomberg TV this week talking about .Luxury and new top level domain names in general.

    It’s really hard talking about top level domain names to an audience that’s never even heard of ICANN, and I think she does a pretty good job.

    Kirchner says the company has already sold over 1,200 domain names. Although small compared to other TLDs, the registry is charging $400 for post-sunrise domain name registrations. Registrars are marking this up to about $800/year. (This is for all domains, not just “premiums”.)

    Kirchner also mentions a company that has rebranded to a .luxury domain name.

    You can see the interview below after sitting through the pre-roll ad.

  • Here are the numbers for this week’s TLD launches

    1. BY - Sep 11, 2014
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    .London steals the show.

    6 new top level domain names launched this week. A simple way to describe the results: .London. everything else is just details.

    .London added 12,421 to the zone on the first partial day and another 695 on the second day to bring its total to 35,663.

    After that, .digital had the second best launch in terms of registrations. It added 2,159 domains to reach 2,648.

    .Digital is a bit more generic than Donuts’ other domain name launches this week: .accountants, .finance and .insure. It was also cheaper.

    I examined the .digital zone file and didn’t find any one registrant responsible for the bulk of registrations. So just a decent launch for .digital.

    .Accountants added 260 domains to hit 371, .finance added 783 to reach 1,057 and .insure added 567 to reach 788.

    Accountants will soon have a lot of options for domain names, including .accountant and .cpa.

    .Global, which launched Tuesday, now has 1,816 domains in the zone after adding another 179 yesterday. That seems pretty good for a domain priced above $50 with a limited use case. For how many companies would .global make sense, and don’t these companies already have an existing domain name?

  • .London close to 35,000 domain registrations after first day

    1. BY - Sep 10, 2014
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    .London shows solid numbers upon launch.

    The .London top level domain name launched with much fanfare yesterday.

    According to the DomainIncite Pro zone file reports, .London added 12,421 domain names to the zone file in the first partial day to reach 34,968.

    If you asked me a few months ago if .London reaching 35,000 on day one would be a strong number, I’d say yes. That said, I raised my expectations a bit after its very strong landrush period. Perhaps the landrush just pulled demand forward.

    I’m convinced that .city domains have the best opportunity for quick organic growth. In a concentrated area, it just takes a few store owners posting their .london domain names on the front window or in TV commercials to really take off.

    It’s also interesting to consider if you can infer anything about .NYC’s upcoming launch from .London’s numbers. It’s really hard to say. .NYC is perhaps a better worldwide “brand”, but it is launching with closed registration policies that won’t let anyone who doesn’t live or work in New York register a domain.