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  • Will more contested TLDs get more registrations?

    1. BY - Dec 19, 2014
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    Probably, but quantifying it is difficult at this point.

    I commonly hear that the best is yet to come in terms of new to level domain name launches. The most heavily contested applications are just getting resolved, and these represent the best top level domain names.

    It makes sense to me. But will this reflect reality? Are the TLDs we’re seeing so far not representative of the results of future, heavily contested TLD launches?

    I tried to dig into the data a bit this week, but I’ll admit it’s difficult to draw any conclusions. Among the factors that differ between each TLD that are difficult to control for: Click here to continue reading…

  • Cuba domain names take off after yesterday’s announcement

    1. BY - Dec 18, 2014
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    Yesterday was a good day for Rob Sequin’s domain name portfolio.

    Cuba websites

    Traffic to Rob Sequin’s Cuba websites, including (pictured), quintupled yesterday.

    Yesterday, President Obama announced renewed relations with the government of Cuba. The announcement has immediate ramifications for trade and travel between the two countries, and opens up the potential for much more.

    Immediately, people went to domain name registrars to register Cuban domain names. According to Verisign’s DomainView tool, over 1,500 domains containing “cuba” were registered yesterday in .com and .net. Compare that to fewer than 100 that are registered on a typical day.

    Additionally, close to 300 domains including “Havana” were registered. Even the term “Cigar” had a banner day, with domains like registered.

    But one man was way ahead of these people. Click here to continue reading…

  • Johnson & Johnson pays $3.1M for .Baby, CREA $3.4M for .MLS

    1. BY - Dec 17, 2014
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    .Baby and .MLS new TLDs awarded.

    Johnson & JohnsonTwo new top level domain names contention sets were resolved at auction today. The auction with six participants ended with a lower price than the one with just two.

    Consumer products company Johnson & Johnson won .Baby with a $3,088,888 bid. It beat out Google, Minds + Machines, Donuts, Radix and Famous Four in the auction.

    Johnson & Johnson also owns the domain name

    Canadian Real Estate Association beat Afilias in the auction for .MLS, paying $3,359,000. CREA tried everything it could to avoid an auction, but it failed in both its Community Priority Evaluation and Legal Rights Objection against the Afilias’ bid.

    So instead of just paying to win at the auction, it spent a lot on lawyers and an additional community application for the domain. Given the results in some other objections, it might have been worth rolling the dice.

  • Could new TLDs have an SEO benefit in the future?

    1. BY - Dec 17, 2014
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    Only if it improves search results.

    Using a new top level domain name instead of a .com or other gTLD does not give you a benefit in Google search results. Ditto for using a .com instead of a new TLD. They’re basically the same.

    That’s what Google says. And it makes sense when you think about it. A lot of people that think new TLDs have an SEO advantage are thinking with their heart, not with their head.

    Logic dictates that Google would give a boost of some sorts to domains on new TLDs if it made its search results better. I can’t think of a plausible argument at this point in time that Google SERPs would be better if new TLDs received some sort of boost. If Google’s algorithms accidentally gave a boost based on TLD, it certainly would scramble to fix this.

    While it doesn’t make sense for Google to favor a new TLD over an existing TLD at this point, it could make sense in the future. It would make sense if it improved search results. Let’s go through some of the arguments that ranking new TLDs ahead of other TLDs would benefit search results, and consider if they are valid now and if they will be in the future. Click here to continue reading…

  • New TLDs give no SEO advantage and .Geo domains don’t work how you might think

    1. BY - Dec 15, 2014
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    Google reiterates its guidance on TLDs and search results, and also says it isn’t geotargeted .geo domains on their own.

    A month or two ago a couple reports came out suggesting that new top level domain names give some sort of inherent search engine advantage.

    I’ve gotten into the nasty habit (sarcasm) of actually reading beyond the headline of reports and studies, and I was unimpressed with the data (if you can call it that) in these reports.

    Matt Cutts previously said there would be no inherent advantage to new TLDs. Cutts is on leave, but colleague John Mueller recently reminded everyone the truth: Click to continue reading…