Domain Holdings sells $8.1 million of domain names in Q4

Company brokered over $30 million worth of domain names last year.

Domain Holdings reported today that it sold $8.1 million worth of domain names last quarter, bringing its 2014 tally to $31.0 million.

The fourth quarter number was down slightly from a strong Q2 and Q3 ($9.9M and $9.6M, respectively) but still strong compared to Q1 2014 and prior.

77% of the company’s sales in Q4 were .com domain names, and the same percentage of names had 10 or fewer characters. Click here to continue reading… domain name goes back on the market

Company that acquired domain name in 2013 is changing business models.

The owner of, which bought the domain name for $500,000 in 2013, is putting the domain name back on the market. acquired the domain name in 2013 and rebranded as simply Now is changing its business focus to a news-related business model (and corresponding name) and no longer needs

The short, five letter .com domain has a number of potential uses. Before the current owner acquired it, it was used by a branding company.

The company is looking for at least a “strong six figure” price for the domain name. Justin Schmidt of is the exclusive broker for the domain.

39 more End User domain name sales

39 recent end user domain name sales at Sedo.

Over the past week, Sedo’s network sold 538 domains totaling $1.2 million. As usual, I’ve done some research and compiled this list of 39 transactions where I’ve detected a specific end user. Some domains actually sold during a prior week but have only just emerged from escrow for inspection. At the moment, several of last week’s larger purchases – including ($95k) and ($50k) – remain indeterminate. ($999) – Interoute makes an SaaS video conferencing tool called One Bridge. In my opinion, they ought to rename it using the numeral, since is already in use. Click here to continue reading…

NameBio upgraded with key new comps feature

Upgraded domain name sales database makes it easier to find comps when buying and selling domain names.

NameBioDomain name sales database has been overhauled, and one of the new features should prove useful when searching for sales comps for domain name sales.

Adam Strong brought in domainer and developer Michael Sumner to assist with the new site, which includes more data sources and a better mobile browsing experience.

Domain names have also been split into 250 categories (underneath ten main categories), making it easy to find sales comps that don’t include the exact keyword in your domain name.

For example, this morning I clicked through to sports > baseball, and saw that sold for $3,500 at the end of 2013. If I’m trying to sell a domain like (I don’t own it), neither “hockey” nor “today” would traditionally pull up as a comp. Using the category browsing, you can find comps like this. currently has $1.2 billion of domain name sales in its database.

Just how much did .Blog and .Store sell for?

Here’s a rough idea.

On Friday I wrote about Minds + Machines and its payoff for losing the .blog and .store domain name auctions. Primer Nivel won the auction for .blog and Radix walked home with .Store. How much did they pay for these domain names?

We don’t know for sure based on the data Minds + Machines disclosed, but we can get a general idea of the combined total.

Minds + Machines pocketed $3.4 million. This includes its proceeds from these two auctions plus its refund from ICANN for withdrawing the two applications, minus the amount it paid to beat Google for the domain name .dds.

Using these numbers we can get a general idea of how much .store and .blog went for combined, although not knowing how much it paid for .dds and the split between .blog and .store make it difficult to know for sure. Click here to continue reading…