18 end user domain name sales including a .Science domain name

End user domain name sales from the past week.

You are getting sleepy…very sleepy…you will visit Domain Name Wire several times a day and visit the advertisers’ sites…

Oh, excuse me. I’ve gotten carried away after writing about Hypnosis.science selling for $3,000 to an end user this past week.

Sedo had a great week, selling $1.7 million worth of domain names. That total must include a big one that isn’t disclosed.

As for what’s disclosed and was purchased by an end user, here’s a list: Click here to continue and see end user sales…

Questionable investment: RetailMeNot spends $4.3 million for new domain names

Company has common investor with new top level domain company Donuts.

Struggling Austin internet company RetailMeNot spent $4.3 million to acquire second level domain names under a new top level domain name, an SEC filing revealed. The purchase was first reported by George Kirikos, and OnlineDomain wrote about it earlier today.

While the SEC filing doesn’t disclose the top level domain or registry, it almost certainly is Donuts. The common denominator is Austin Ventures, which backed both RetailMeNot and Donuts.

As I’ve opined before, Austin Ventures is most likely the reason RetailMeNot forked out money for Donuts’ previous .codes domain names.

This seems like an awful lot of money to spend on these domains, especially in light of the lukewarm reception of new top level domain names. That might be the kicker: the agreement was entered into before new top level domain names started rolling out on the market.

RetailMeNot has struggled with changes in Google’s search algorithm. It needs a way to attract traffic from more diversified sources, but I’m not sure using all of these domains will pay off. I’d be wary of this deal and the venture capital connection if I were a RetailMeNot investor.

GJQ.com snags $36k bid at Sedo

Lots of three letter domain names on auction at Sedo.

Three letter .com domain names continue to command top dollar.

The domain name GJQ.com has a $36,000 bid at Sedo. It’s in an auction that ends around 1 am EDT tomorrow morning. With just one bidder, this was likely an offer that was pushed to auction.

Sedo’s current Great Domains auction also has a lot of three character domains on offer, including dke.com, utt.com, hvz.com and sgj.com. The first three have reserves under 25,000 euros.

The regular marketplace auction listings, which is where the GJQ.com auction is taking place, have a few notable domains right now. Stoy.com has a 10,000 EUR buyer, and Weed.de has two bidders and is currently 5,100 EUR.

Einkommen.de, which looks like it was a Sedo Direct auction, has 16 bidders and a top bid of 5,100 EUR. Einkommen is German for income.

End User domain name sales including .XYZ

Company buys two .xyz domain names after Google increases awareness of the domain.

Want an example of how awareness can propel new top level domain aftermarket sales? An enterprise software company bought Customer.xyz and Customers.xyz, presumably after hearing that Google chose abc.xyz for its new holding company domain name.

These domains were two of the 461 transactions on Sedo’s domain name sales platform for the past week. Other buyers include a satellite company, a staffing company and a company creating vaccines for cancer.

Here’s the list: Click here to continue reading…

How Legal Robot picked its name and bought LegalRobot.com

An end user explains how they picked their name and domain name.

Legal RobotThis is the first of what I hope to be many profiles of companies that have purchased domain names on the aftermarket. This series will help people understand the naming process companies go through, how companies view domain names and domain sellers, and what the purchase process is like in the buyer’s view.

Today we’ll look at Legal Robot, a new service from Agnito Labs, which purchased LegalRobot.com for $1,200.

DNW: What is Legal Robot?

Dan Rubins, CEO & Founder: Legal Robot is Artificial intelligence for legal documents that helps people understand legal language by providing an instant breakdown and error check for contracts, helps people write better legal language, and lets businesses close deals faster. Click here to continue reading…