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  • .Club first new TLD to reach 100,000 paid registrations

    1. BY - Aug 29, 2014
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    Marketing efforts pay off as .Club crosses milestone.

    .Club.Club sent out a press release this morning touting that it has now sold 100,000 domain name registrations — the first new TLD to reach this milestone.

    .XYZ and .Berlin have more registrations, but most of their registrations were given away for free.

    What was .club’s secret to getting to 100,000 registrations? Pick a good domain and then add money.

    The company has certainly outspent all of its rivals on marketing.

    It hired 50 Cent as a pitchman and then threw a big party in NYC.

    Its team has traveled the globe going to club-related events.

    It paid to be front and center on GoDaddy’s home page for several weeks.

    The company has spent much more on marketing than it has taken in from registrations so far. That’s the business model, since domain name sellers are selling a subscription product. You have to look at the lifetime value of a registration, not one year.

  • App maker spends $80k to drop “app” from domain name

    1. BY - Aug 27, 2014
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    Ridescout pays big bucks for shorter domain name and other end user domain name purchases.

    RidescoutThe .app domain name is coming. Until then, many app makers have plugged “app” onto the end of their domain names when they can’t get the .com domain that matches their app name.

    Does the domain name still matter for app makers? Yes, judging by RideScout’s 60,000 euro purchase of last week. The Austin maker of the RideScout app for finding the best transportation options has been using the domain name

    Here are other end user purchases at Sedo over the past week.

    (You can view previous lists like this here. If you’d like to learn how to sell your domain names like these on Sedo, download this report.) $850 – Roomle GmbH, which provides an app for floorplan and interior decorating design. It uses 2,000 EUR – Melitta Zentralgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, maker of Cilia brand tea filters. $16,500 – Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. “This Changes Everything” appears to be a slogan related to one or more of its new cruise liners. $995 – Los Angeles company FITfluence, which is some sort of fitness/health company. $2,000 – Novatel Wireless, Inc. Novatel actually has a trademark on the term “mifi”, which I assumed was a generic term for personal hotspots. $2,195 – myLudus, Inc, a New Hampshire company. The email address on the domain leads back to a tech company. $6,000 Spanish-language network Univision. “Que Crees” means “What do you think?” $2,895 – research giant Gartner, which sells a lot of cloud advice. $999 – CitizenHawk acquired this domain name on behalf of Orbitz. $900 – another CitizenHawk transaction, this one on behalf of $1,200 – and yet another CitizenHawk acquisition, for client Citrix. $1,895 – Creative Media Alliance in Seattle bought this domain name. It appears to be for a motorcycle safety campaign. $2,000 – Brussels stationery maker Le Tyopgraphe. It uses the domain name $1,301 – Parrys Property, a UK real estate firm. $15,000 – From what I can tell, this domain was purchased by Samsung’s Cheil Industries, a chemical affiliate of Samsung. 1,500 GBP – the HB is short for Hannah Bronfman, a DJ and model from New York. $5,100 – Texzon Utilities, which acts as a middleman between utilities and customers. They’ve been using the matching .net domain name. $8,000 – Qello, which offers streaming of concerts and music documentaries. $2,244 – Lazy Daisy Ltd, which provides birthing classes.

  • How 22 end users are (or aren’t!) using domain names they bought this year

    1. BY - Aug 26, 2014
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    Each week I write at least one post about which end users bought domain names over the past week.

    What do end users do with these domain names they buy on the aftermarket?

    I was curious, so I went back to one of the weekly end user reports I published about six months ago. The report included 22 sales ranging from $1,000 to $25,000.

    Six months later, here’s a breakdown of how the buyers are using the sites:

    • 4 of 22 are used as the domain name for a website
    • 8 of 22 forward to another website
    • 10 of 22 haven’t used the domain names at all. The domains either don’t resolve or are still go to a registrar parking page.

    I’m not very surprised by the results. It amazes me when big companies buy (or get via UDRP) domain names that they don’t bother to even forward. Still, I thought smaller businesses would be more apt to put domain names they spend a couple grand on to good use.

    Here are the details on the 22 sales from the original report, how much was paid, who bought them and how they’re being used now.

    Used for a website $25,000 – State Farm, whose slogan is “Like a Good Neighbor…”. It created a new site at the domain name that features stories about emergencies, communities, and heroes. $1,010 – CPStx, a credit card processing company. $2,400 – Southwest Surgical Associates in Utah uses the domain for its multi-location surgery company. $7,500 – Aegis Security Insurance Company uses this domain for its main business website.

    Forwarded $1,500 – Plastic pallet manufacturer Oneway Solutions forwards the domain to is original for its website. It makes sense not to change the company’s domain name completely. Having the non-hyphenated version helps protect the company. $4,088 – Liberty Tax Service forwards this domain to its site Based on the URL, it is tracking referrals from the domain. The site is branded as DIYtax. $4,388 – Americord Registry, a cordblood banking service, forwards the domain to $2,000 – National Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine forwards the domain to $2,500 – Mike Anderson Chevrolet forwards this domain to the (much) longer $2,300 – Asken Properties in Lubbock, Texas uses this domain name to frame its existing website at $2,500 – Language-focused travel company LinguLand forwards the domain name to $4,750 – Indian conglomerate Tata and its Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd company forwards the domain to ( is parked.)

    Error/parked $1,699 – The owner of Global Myanmar bought this domain $15,088 – California company Local Content Inc. paid big bucks for this domain, but it still doesn’t resolve six months later. $1,888 – Trinity Medical Pharmacy in New Porty Richey, Florida. $1,600 – Was this just a defensive purchase by media company $1,488 – Electrical Wholesale Supply in Idaho Falls, Idaho. $1,000 – weba Werkzeugbau Betriebs GmbH, which has the domain name, hasn’t even bothered forwarding the domain name. $1,500 – Leslie Hindman Auctioneers in Chicago. $1,596 – American Petroleum Institute. $2,500 – the owner of bought this domain before launching his site. He still hasn’t launched the site. $1,200 – Seismic Surveys Inc.

  • What domain names NASCAR and others bought at Sedo last week

    1. BY - Aug 20, 2014
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    NASCAR among end users buying domain names last week.

    NASCARSedo sold $1.1 million worth of domain names last week, including one to NASCAR. Details of these end user domain name sales are below.

    You can view previous lists like this here. If you’d like to learn how to sell your domain names like these on Sedo, download this report. $1,500 – Abbott Laboratories, maker of Creon, a pill that aids digestion. $850 – This domain was registered by the owner of, yet that domain appears to be suspended at $1,995 – CitizenHawk acquired this typo domain name on behalf of Kohl’s Department Store. M touches K on the keyboard. $999 – Dubai cleaning/sanitizing company SaniService. $750 – Arkansas Dept. of Parks and Tourism $4,000 – Australian company Atlassian Pty Ltd creates tools for software developers, including a Git and Mercurial desktop client for developers called SourceTree. $750 – Technology company Brilliant, which owns the brilliant domain name $777 – the owner of, a Catholic video site. Smart buy. $1,495 – Financial site, which has a section of its website labeled “Market Wall”. The company doesn’t own 9,000 GBP – software development company Panbet Curacao NV. $1,500 – Art Hung, an art installation and picture hanging service. $2,500 – NASCAR $3,250 – LiveSport Media Ltd. in Malta.

  • A bunch of domain names sell for $1.5 million, sort of…

    1. BY - Aug 14, 2014
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    Domain names change hands, but not with cash.

    The domain names,,, and have been sold for over $1 million.

    Sort of. There’s a bit of a back story.

    The seller is SearchCore, a company that, until recently, was in the business of creating directory and lead gen sites.

    Before that, the company was known as WeedMaps. It had a directory for marijuana sellers, but sold that business off.

    It also bought, which it later sold for $2 million.

    Along the way it picked up and for $500,000, but paid nothing up front. It later had trouble paying for them (more on that later).

    Now the company is in the business of selling manufactured homes. From weed to online lead gen to selling mobile homes.

    It literally runs three mobile home sales centers in small Texas towns.

    Despite being in the bricks-and-metal business of selling manufactured homes to Texans, SearchCore decided to get rid of the handful of manufactured home domain names it owned.

    It paid close to $350,000 for the domains it sold.

    The buyer is Platinum Technology Ventures, which is run by SearchCore’s former Chief Strategy Officer.

    Platinum bought the domain names for $1 million plus agreed to provide $61,100 worth of advertising services from the domains to SearchCore. It also agreed to assume all obligations under a leaseback deal with DomainCapital. It still owes $122,000 to Domain Capital. So it’s paying well more than $1 million for the domains.

    Yet Platinum is not paying out of pocket. It entered into a $1 million non-recourse, but secured, note with SearchCore. SearchCore also loaned Platinum $90,000 to start operations.

    It sounds a bit like shuffling things around, especially because the former CSO is (or at least was) a personal guarantor on a consignment agreement SearchCore made for manufactured homes. By doing the sale, SearchCore is able to book a big gain.

    I wouldn’t put too much stock in the sales value. If Platinum doesn’t pay, the domains will just go back to SearchCore. SearchCore hasn’t always ended up paying according to schedule for domains it bought on credit.

    Speaking of, SearchCore also recently “sold” and, the domains I mentioned earlier.

    It had purchased the two domain names from David Jeffs of Current fame and his company Domain Holdings Inc (not to be confused with the domain brokerage in Florida). LiveCurrent also used to own, which SearchCore purchased at one point.

    SearchCore kept renegotiating the note on the and domains. It just “sold” the domains again by assigning the domains along with the $400,000 it owes on them.

    As of right now, the Whois on both domain names still shows Domain Holdings. Perhaps the domains were assigned back to the company.

    I don’t know. What I do know is that none of these sales would meet Ron Jackson’s requirements for being listed on his weekly sales charts. That’s for a good reason.