15 end user domain name purchases

An accessories company, law firm and trade publisher bought domain names last week.

Sedo had 598 domain name transactions last week for a total of $1.1 million. Two likely end user sales aren’t on this list because they have whois privacy or are still in transfer: MyFood.com at $33,500 and FBet.com at €50,000. Neither domain name resolves to an active website yet, but we’ll probably find out who the buyers in the coming months.

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16 end user domain name sales

A debt management company, fabric seller and modeling company bought domain names last week.

Sedo handled $1.3 million of domain name transactions last week, and the .TV domain name Astrology.tv led the way at $25,000 for public sales. That domain name is protected by whois privacy and currently lands on a GoDaddy placeholder page, so we’ll have to wait to see who the buyer is.

Below are 16 end user domain name sales at Sedo from the past week that were purchased by end users. Click here to see this week’s End User list…

Flippa acquires Domain Holdings

Flippa bulks up sales engine with Domain Holdings.

Domain HoldingsWebsite and domain name marketplace Flippa has acquired domain name brokerage Domain Holdings for an unspecified price. The combined companies expect to generate $70 million in revenue over the next 12 months.

Flippa, originally created to sell existing websites, has expanded its domain name sales business in recent years. It also started hiring brokers to help move domain names, a role that Domain Holdings will now fill.

Domain Holdings, founded in 2010, brokered more than $30 million in domain name sales last year. The company has had lots of turnover on its sales team, especially in the past couple months. It’s not clear if the recent exodus had anything to do with the imminent acquisition.

While Domain Holdings will remain a separate company, it will assist Flippa with outbound sales.

More information about the acquisition is on Flippa’s blog and DNJournal.

Had your eyes on a domain at Marchex? Might want to give GoDaddy a call

GoDaddy pricing the domain names at a more reasonable level.

One of the reasons GoDaddy acquired Marchex’s domain name portfolio (which was recently being sold under the Archeo brand) was that Marchex had steep prices on the domain names.

A friend tried to buy a domain name last year. He was initially told it would cost something like $30,000. Marchex later offered to sell it for something like $10,000, but my friend had moved on to a different domain.

GoDaddy said it would attach prices to many of the domains and sell them for prices that make them more liquid. We’re starting to see evidence of this.

RobbiesBlog.com has a story describing a case in which it bought a domain name quoted for $20,000 at Marchex for just $3,000 at GoDaddy. Based on a description of the negotiations, it appears that GoDaddy isn’t using past quotes/information from Archeo when negotiating sales.

GoDaddy also sold Beijing.com. I assume GoDaddy was willing to negotiate on this domain more than Marchex was.

So here’s a tip: if there’s a domain at Marchex that you had your eyes on previously, give GoDaddy a call and see if you can strike a good deal now.

Qualcomm, Express and other End User Domain Name Buyers

Qualcomm and Express among end user domain name buyers last week.

The top sale on Sedo’s weekly transaction list for the past week was Same.com, which I wrote about here.

Although that sale dwarfed the other public sales, some big companies were buyers. Qualcomm, Express and Choice hotels all made purchases. Also take a look at the €7,949 price paid for a hyphenated new top level domain name!

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