15 end user domain name buyers including Univision

Univision buys a domain name and a lighting company pays big bucks for a co.uk domain.

Sedo handled 568 domain name transactions last week for a total of $1.2 million in sales. The company turned in some solid sales to end users, including Spanish-language broadcasting company Univision. The most impressive sale for the TLD was Lights.co.uk, which a German lighting company paid £25,000.

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GoDaddy acquires Marchex’s domain name portfolio for $28 million

An in-depth look at GoDaddy’s purchase of over 200,000 domain names and what it means for domain name investors.

GoDaddy Archeo domain name

GoDaddy has acquired Marchex’s Archeo domain name portfolio for $28.1 million.

GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY) has acquired about 200,000 domain names from Marchex (NASDAQ: MCHX) for $28.1 million, plus a potential earnout.

Marchex has owned the portfolio for a long time, and it includes most of the 100,000 domains it acquired from domain name investor Yun Ye for $164 million in 2005. The company didn’t focus on selling its domain names until 2012, when it created a separate domain-focused business called Archeo. The plan was to spin Archeo off as its own publicly traded company, but it canceled these plans in 2013.

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20 End User Domain Name Sales

Here are 20 end user domain name sales that took place over the past week.

Sedo handled 593 domain name transactions last week for a total of $1.2 million in sales. End user buyers include a webhosting company that created a shorter domain with .ch, an air conditioning company in Arizona, and a bail bond seller.

A whopping 57% of domains that sold at Sedo last week had “buy now” prices.

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Which new TLDs are performing best on the resale market

.Club is a top seller.

NameBio, a domain sales data site, published details this morning about which new top level domain names are selling best on the aftermarket.

Here are the top 5 based on publicly-reported sales, ranked by dollar volume:


You can see the full chart here.

NameBio’s Michael Sumner provides a number of caveats, and I think it’s worth reviewing them.

A key one: NameBio’s database only includes public sales it gathers from Sedo, NameJet, Flippa and other marketplaces.

I’d note that, because Afternic isn’t reporting sales right now, we’re potentially missing a big part of the market.

.Club is certainly doing well, and its exclusive deal with Sedo means its sales get more exposure. .Club’s numbers should go up a lot when the $150,000 wine.club sale closes, too.

You should also consider that many registry-sold domains are at premium prices, and arguably could be included in TLD’s total sales as a sign of a TLD’s overall value. I believe many of the .Club sales reported on Sedo were actually sold by the registry, so NameBio’s number don’t necessarily reflect domainer flips.

.Promo and other TLDs headed to auction

Auction group hopes to sell .Promo and other TLDs at June auction.

Innovative Auctions Ltd. is holding another auction to “resell” already-contracted top level domain names.

The next auction will take place June 4 and will feature .Promo. Play.PROMO Oy has entered into a contract with ICANN for the top level domain name but has not yet launched the domain name. .Promo was an uncontested application.

Innovative Auctions previously auctioned .reise as a resale domain. That domain name had already launched, and registry Donuts acquired the domain name in the auction.

Innovative Auctions hopes to line up more domain names for the June auction.