27 end user domain sales, including a buy from the Data.com seller

A report on 27 end user domain name sales made last week.

This week’s end user domain sales report includes a small purchase by the company that sold Data.com from Salesforce.com for $4.5 million.


New York City bakery City Cakes shortened its domain from CityCakesNY.com to CityCakes.com for $2,500.

Solid Industries & Machine Shop Ltd. in Alberta, Canada bought SolidIndustries.com for $1,788. It already owns the net version.

Harry Caray’s Restaurant in Chicago bought ChicagoSportsMuseum.com for $1,277. The restaurant includes a section called the Chicago Sports Museum.

The Best Battery Co., Inc. in Baltimore dropped the “the” from its domain name, picking up BestBattery.com for $5,500.

Premium Sales Network, which owns the matching .com domain, bought PremiumWholesale.com for $1,850.

Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Telecom Service Bureau bought TalkTextData.com for $4,088. That’s a smart buy.

Hotel pillows and bedding company Pacific Pillows, which previously bought HotelBedding.com for $10,000, paid $8,000 for Homeware.com.

Local project “kickstarter” site Neighborland, Inc. decided it needed to protect the British spelling. It bought NeighboUrland.com for $1,595.

Oxbow Corporation owns oxbow.com but also picked up oxbow.net for $2,852.

New York developer Woodstone Development, LLC bought NYLakefront.com for $1,617.

Resources for Infant Educarers bought BabyKnowsBest.com for $1,088.

This was a much-needed purchase. Solutioni Design LTD owns solution-i.co.uk but dropped the hyphen with Solutioni.com for $1,800.

The Code Project, owner of CodeProject.com, paid $2,388 for Codecontest.com.

Cyber security company Wombat Security Technologies, Inc. bought CyberStrength.com for $1,088.

UK equestrian site Just-Riding.co.uk bought JustRiding.com for $1,200. That’s a great buy for the company.

The owner of AngelWholesale.co.uk bought the equivalent .com for $2,400.

The owner of CompleteCleaningCo.com shortened its URL to CompleteCleaning.com for $3,815.

Merrick Bank bought NoHiddenFees.com for $2,400 and RespondOnline.com for $2,300.


UK dating company Adaptation Dating bought the certainly NSFW gilfDating.com domain for $1,000.

Scan Computers Intl Ltd, owner of Scan.co.uk, bought Scan.co.in for $900.

e-cigarette company Vapor Masters already owns VaporMasters.net. It went up the ladder to VaporMasters.com for $1,250.

The owner of Rainbow-Carpet.com dropped the hyphen for $2,100.

Remember UBM? They’re the company that sold Data.com to Salesforce.com for $4.5 million. Well, they put a small amount of that money back to work by buying UBMawards.com for $2,500.

The Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions, which uses the web address acehp.org, bought ccehp.org for $999.

Business telecom company Excite Telecom Inc, which recently paid $4,500 for Calling.net, added VideoConferencing.biz for $3,230. That’s a high number for a .biz.

Reading and writing teaching method site Secret Stories, which uses TheSecretStories.com, bought SecretStories.com for $1,750.


  1. todd says

    Definitely seems like the sweet spot for regular names to end users is between $1,000 and $3,000. I think if an end user will spend $1,000 on a name that they would easily spend between $2000 and $3000 also so setting your prices within this range is smart but setting prices above this in a bad economy means sitting on inventory and not letting your money work for you.

  2. says

    unless it’s your exact search term….
    Then the firewall factor alone(blocking out the competition) can be worth much more!
    Then consider potential search rank boosts, matching email addresses, perceived authority in the marketplace and….who knows?

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