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  • Why has everything to do with “Right of the Dot”

    1. BY - Sep 12, 2012
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    It’s left of the dot, but it’s going to benefit from the right of the dot.

    When I first saw the press release today about Right of the Dot brokering, I had a chuckle. What is a company named “right of the dot” doing selling a domain name that has everything to do with what’s left of the dot?

    But really the press release buries the lead: five companies have applied for the .sale top level domain, and you can bet a lot of traffic will go to once .sale goes live. Just ask the owners of what happened with .xxx went live.

    Applicants for .sale include Donuts, Top Level Domain Holdings, Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry, Famous Four Media, and Dot-Sale LLC.

    I think it would be smart for applicants for top level domains to at least inquire about acquiring the corresponding second level .com domain name. How much it’s worth to them is open to debate, but it certainly falls under the “nice to have” category.

  • Left or right, we want to see a sale worthy of this name. One million would be too cheap.

  • when you say inquire do you mean ask?

  • I don’t think they’re going to acquire otherwise they would have gone after this rather than dotSale. Can you imagine what if each applicant had to go after all the corresponding .com keywords they have applied for?

  • What you’ve written Andrew, speaks volumes about all the ‘right of the dots’ that are coming.

  • Acro – Are you kidding? 1MM is very cheap. This should go over 10MM.

  • Andrew – thanks for posting and thanks for your angle on this….this is exactly the point we wanted to also get across. Imagine spending what could be millions of dollars acquiring the rights to be the new registry for .sale and having redirected to you? That’s the power of changing the meaning of to .sale and turning the meaning on head in a positive way. and all that inherent traffic and value then becomes the head start a new registry needs to be successful.

    With all that said, millions of companies around the world use the word sale on a daily basis, pay for the direct match keyword on the web and drive traffic, revenue, branding, and visibility to their stores…whether online or actual storefront. The term is used all of the world in most languages….even Chinese!

    We also hope that our efforts on this will help the industry in terms of visibility as well as recognition in various ways. You will see similar news coming on other names like it soon.

  • Jay – It ‘should’, but would it?

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