BuyDomains Turning on End of Year Sales Pressure

Now might be a good time to strike a deal with BuyDomains.

If you’ve had your eye on a domain at BuyDomains, now might be a good time to negotiate a deal.

Over the past two days I’ve received four messages from BuyDomains with subjects ranging from “Let’s negotiate a great deal during the final days of 2008!” to “Andrew, call to negotiate great deals in 2008!”

It seems like BuyDomains is pushing to get its sales numbers up to close 2008, which means it’s in the mood to negotiate.

Here’s one of the e-mails I received:

Some time ago, you made an offer on Right now, we are offering special end of year savings on thousands of our domain names, including similar domains names to, like:

And another:

Some time ago, you ordered an appraisal for Right now, Buydomains has special end of year savings on thousands of our domain names from our inventory.

Although BuyDomains is generally thought of as an end-user sales site with end-user prices, don’t let this belief stop you from sifting through its catalog. A year ago I turned a $5,000 purchase on BuyDomains into a $25,000 flip.

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