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.Eth domains pummeled in market correction

ENS domains came back down to earth.

Logo for Ethereum Name Service has a stylized circle with ENS letters
Short numeric .eth domains have shot up in value.

Web3 assets that soar in value can come back down to earth just as fast.

10 days ago, I wrote about how short numeric .eth domain names were a hot commodity.

.Eth domains are part of Ethereum Name Service and can be used as wallet addresses, digital identities, or (rather clunkily) as website addresses.

If you bought some domains 10 days ago, you got caught holding the bag.

When I wrote that story, four digit .eth domains were selling for the equivalent of $6,000-$7,000. Today, they’re mostly selling for less than $1,500.

Three digit domains, which were selling for $50,000 and more, are now selling for under $15,000.

Of course, the entire NFT and cryptocurrency space has been hammered over the past week, so ENS domains aren’t alone. And maybe there will be a rebound.

But it’s important to keep in mind that the short-digit craze had nothing to do with the utility of the names and everything to do with people trying to make quick profits.

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  1. BullS says

    Life Experiences tell me this is a scam
    You want to listen to this NFT episode.., why it is a scam
    Pump and dump
    Listen to: 769: The Reluctant Explorer – https://one.npr.org/i/1095849244:1095849246


    the owner of paradise is following the same tricks on the playbook- advertise, give freebies, give low cost to initial offerings, pump pump and then sell .

    Market manipulation according to SEC and they should be fined and go to jail

    Seems like there is no more advertising anymore on the domaining or on his blog and have not been mentioned on his blog….?

  2. Hans-Peter Oswald says

    We recoommend user to use luxe-Domains insteand of eth-Domains.

    The advantage of .eth is, that owners of this crytocurrency can substitute the 42-character addresses, which are not memorable, by a name like ben.eth and use the short ben.eth for all transactions.

    The domain extension .eth belongs to the alternative root systems. The disadvantage is that both partners must download a special software in order that the routing works.

    The owners of these .eth domain names can now preferably register the corresponding Luxe-Domains.

    The luxe-Domains as an official ICANN accredited domain extension avoid the mentioned disadvantage. As user must not download a plug in software like at .eth, all transactions will become easier.

    Hans-Peter Oswald


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