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Ethereum Name Service fires director of operations over tweet (and his response)

The organization behind .eth domains and blockchain-based DNS alternative sacks leading team member for comments.

The organization behind Ethereum Name Service, a blockchain-based addressing system, has fired its director of operations after a tweet he made in 2016 resurfaced.

Brantly Millegan was often the face of the organization, appearing at events (and was a guest on the Domain Name Wire Podcast).

In a tweet in 2016, he wrote:

Homesexual acts are evil. Transgenderism doesn’t exist. Abortion is murder. Contraception is a perversion. So is masturbation and porn.

Tweet from brantlymillegan

When the tweet resurfaced recently, Millegan tweeted:

hey looks like I’ve got my first mob. nice to see some ppl finally read the first word of my bio. I love you all, I’m gonna keep working on web3.

The first word of Millegan’s Twitter bio is Catholic.

Nick Johnson, founder and lead developer of ENS, Tweeted about the decision yesterday.

My understanding is there was a community vote by the DAO, but ENS is actually managed by a legal entity called True Names Limited (TNL), which had the contract with Millegan.

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  1. Marvin says

    All the left knows how to do is their cancel culture authoritarian act and then yell at ‘Rethuglicans’ for being Hitler-like.

  2. Don says

    Sounds like a positive individual who enjoys self destructing. With handshake domains you pay 99% less for a wallet address than than ens. Also you don’t have people like this preaching religion to people that don’t care! Its what happens when you have kens running the show

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