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What domains Coca-Cola and other end users bought

Coca-Cola was among the end user buyers at Sedo this past week.

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NFT and blockchain-related businesses continue to buy domain names. Sedo’s top sale this week was NFTchain.com for $88,000, and it also brokered BestNFT.com for €12,500. It’s not clear who bought these domains. You’ll notice other blockchain-related buys in the list below.

The biggest brand name on the list is Coca-Cola, which bought a domain for a type of hard seltzer beverage.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.

Elka.de €11,900 – Elka is an access control company (think physical access like gates). It uses the domain Elka.eu.

MFA.se €8,000 – MFA is short for Myndigheten for arbetsmiljokunskap, which is the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise. It collects, compiles, and communicates knowledge of what constitutes a good work environment and how that correlates with employee health, company productivity and profitability. It forwards this domain to Mynak.se.

PR-services.com $7,699 – Deutsche Plasser Bahnbaumaschinen GmbH offers train parts and repairs. I think PR is an abbreviation for its name.

PixelPix.com $6,900 – Pixel Pix is an NFT project.

Avelios.com $5,900 – Avelios Medical provides technology to health clinics.

Aiswei.com $5,799 – Aiswei is a solar power company. It forwards this domain to aiswei-tech.com.

EnergyCubes.com $5,799 – Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG is an energy company that got its start in mining and power plant operation. I wonder if this domain is for its large-format battery business.

Enclave.me $4,999 – This domain is being used for a crypto project.

BusinessNavi.com $4,995 – Accelerate Media Solutions GmbH, an app company, is listed as the registrant. The domain resolves to a page promoting BusinessNavi, a business dashboard tool.

LemonDou.com $4,900 – The Coca-Cola Company bought this domain for Lemon Dou,  a chūhai, which is a Japanese drink similar to hard seltzer. Coca-Cola has been expanding the markets where this product is sold.

Black-Mamba.com $4,888 – Whois lists LM Studio, a web development shop. The domain currently resolves to a page with a Black Mamba logo and “Conseils and Communication.” Conseils is French for advice.

Crediture.com $3,750 – Crediture says it is “re-inventing financial credit reporting to be fair, understandable, and secure for everyone by tapping into the next-generation power of blockchain technology.”

Moosey.com $3,125 – Moosey Wellness offers a health care plan for pets.

Confyde.com $2,699 – Lixir LLC is a company in New Hampshire that was incorporated in August. It is in the health care and social assistance space.

Alyos.com €2,490 – Alyos Technology manufacturers stretch ceilings, fabrics and canvasses. It uses the domain Alyos.eu.

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  1. edad says

    $88k for NFTChain, must be a china buyer. Comp brings the whole “chain” vertical up and with over 60 premium “chain” assets tokenized onchain at RealtyDAO, they have the number one chain portfolio in world already in the marketplace.

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