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End user domain name sales up to $60,000

Investor conference organizer pays $60,000 for domain name, cryptocurrency company pays $30,000.

The organizers of the Wealth365 conference paid $60,000 for Wealth365.com

Domain name marketplace Sedo had some solid sales last week, including a public sale of $30,000 and another for twice that amount.

24 Hour Fitness, a major chain of fitness centers, bought a domain name, and an office space locator paid five figures for a .co domain.

Here’s the list of end user domain name sales from the past week:

(You can view previous lists like this here.)

Wealth365.com $60,000 – The buyer is organizing the WEALTH365™ SUMMIT investor conference in January. The company bought Wealth365 in many extensions, but still determined it was worth $60,000 to get the .com.

GigaWatt.com $30,000 – Cryptocurrency mining service Giga Watt forwards this domain to its existing domain, Giga-Watt.com

24store.com $13,400 – Fitness center chain 24 Hour Fitness USA, Inc.

Truss.co $12,500 – Truss Holdings, Inc. is an office space locating service.

JapaneseBeauty.com $10,000 – JWalk, an advertising agency, likely bought this for a campaign or client.

ShareLotto.com $5,000 – A coming soon page says it’s coming in 2018.

SeeThree.com $4,025 – See Three Consulting, a motorsports racing consultancy, bought the domain and forwards it to SeeThreeConsulting.com.

Agris.de €4,000 – AGRIS GmbH in Austria.

AirSys.com $3,900 – AirSys is a two-way radio company that uses the domain AirSys.co.uk.

IBRA.com $2,000 – Zubisoft GmbH must have rebranded as IBRA. It offers eye surgery software.

GMA.me $3,000 – a CSC client bought this domain name.

UFOParasail.com $2,000 – UFO Parasail is a parasailing company in Hawaii.

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  1. AbdulBasit.com says

    Great sale (Wealth365.com) and seller got what many other domainers wouldn’t have asked in that range.
    IBRA.com sold too low and buyer got a great deal here IMO.

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