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Angel.com domain name sells for $2 million

Sedo broker Dave Evanson brokers megadeal.

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Sedo domain name broker Dave Evanson announced today that he brokered the sale of Angel.com for $2 million:

Based on historical Whois records from DomainTools, the seller is Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. Genesys acquired teleco company Angel.com in 2013 and rebranded the product as Genesys Premier Edition.

The domain is currently pending transfer at the domain name registrar CSC.

The buyer is not yet known, but one prospective buyer is AngelList. It uses the domain Angel.co. [Update: the domain name forwards to Angel Studios, a group with crowdfunding platform for movies and other entertainment.]

This is the second public seven-figure sale of the year. Last year there was one public seven figure sale (Bullish.com for $1.08 million).

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  1. John says

    I just couldn’t bring myself to say anything this time and didn’t want to, and was doing a great job at maintaining that, but Zillionaire Trader here pushed me over the edge.

    $2 million is not a great price for a domain like that. In fact it’s very low.

    That is a very special domain.

  2. Luke says

    Imho Sedo didn’t do well this time. A name like this should sell to end user for 4m+

    Sedo wasted a great domain and sells too low, I’m sorry for the seller. 2m is a gross price, seller may have only got 1.6m

    For such a low price I don’t see the point why seller needs a Sedo broker. Any broker can do that.

  3. Kevin Murphy says

    This week, in my inbox, I saw an email saying that Angel.com had sold for $2 million.

    I thought “Wow, nice sale!”

    And felt nothing but good feelings about the guy who sold it and the broker who facilitated the deal..

    I don’t know whether it’s over or under valued, but somebody just made a couple million bucks, so that’s nice, right?


    The very next email was an automated thing from SeekingAlpha disclosing that the CEO of Verisign had just sold $2.4 million of VRSN stock that day.

    I thought, “Wow: context!”

    Then I looked it up and it turns out that Verisign’s boss sells over $2 million of VRSN stock every month.

    Not saying nothing about nobody, but I thought it was an interesting juxtaposition illustrating the difference between what is considered success in the secondary market versus what it considered a success in the primary market.

    • Mark Thorpe says

      $2 million is chump change for Verisign’s CEO,
      $2 million domain sale would be life changing for most people. Congrats to the seller.
      But, Angel.com is still worth more than $2 million. Minimum 5 million, but really worth 8 figures.
      Buyer got a steal of a deal!

  4. jeff schneider says

    Hello Andrew,
    Our first thought was Nice , just to have a representative (.COM EPA) to sell in the millions. We thinkk the 10-12 million range would be more representative for a platform name of this quality in the (.COM EPA) Channel. JAS 4/17/2021

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