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A different domain model with Arno Vis – DNW Podcast #330

Openprovider founder Arno Vis discusses his domain registrar’s membership model.

Photo of Arno Vis, founder of Openprovider, with the words "A different domain model with Arno Vis" and "DNW Podcast #330"

Most domain name registrars charge their customers a markup over whatever the registry charges them. Openprovider has a different business model, which founder Arno Vis compares to Costco. Customers pay a membership fee and then get domains at cost. On today’s show, Vis explains the model and how his company uses automation to keep costs low.

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  1. mg says

    I’m not sure about the value provided by Openprovider. Why would I pay for a membership then pay $8.03 for a .com when I can pay less at Dynadot or Namecheap?

    • Amina says

      How about the renewal price? actually $8.03 it’s the .com cost price with ICANN fee, and there are always promotions around domains to buy cheaper the domain first year like the companies that you mention, but the renewal is higher.

      Same logic applied for all the tlds/product from openprovider.

      In my case, that I’m buying domains for me and I don’t know if I’ll renew them (if my affiliate store didn’t succeed) so I care more about first registration period, which means probably I’ll choose namecheap but from I heard their focus is people with stable portfolio like domainers or resellers.

    • Jesus EA says

      A membership plan is a paid 1-year subscription that gives Openprovider resellers the benefits of:

      1. Access to the same purchasing price on domains that Openprovider receives directly from the registries.

      2. Possibility to participate in product promotions, with marketing support from Openprovider.

      3. Discounts on SSL certificates, Plesk licenses and SpamExpert spamfilters.

      4. Dedicated transfer specialist and dedicated phone support.

      5. Also, the cost price it’s for all transactions: registration, renewal and transfer, while Namecheap and Dynadot the first year is lower but when it comes to renewal or transfer the price increases.

  2. Konstantinos says

    I don’t think they charge at cost prices. I checked some renewal prices for various ntlds and they were more expensive for members than what porkbun charges. Especially on premium renewal domains, the difference is huge (10%+).

    • Jesus EA says

      If you buy any of the memberships, the operations of create, renew and transfer for the accredited domain extensions, are included at cost price in all plans.

      Premium domains are not included in the membership plans. However, I am sure we can talk with sales to better understand what you’d need.

  3. John says

    Openprovider is certainly not the cheapest. You can find plenty of providers who can offer more attractive pricing models, against better service. Openprovider’s platform is very unstable, the service is poor. Occasionally you will find a helpful employee who will help you, but don’t be surprised if that employee doesn’t work there anymore after a year. The employee turnover rate is extremely high and that says it all. Also check out Twitter, Openprovider is often associated with malicious websites.

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