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How James Booth went from zero to $5 million in 6 months – DNW Podcast #94

James Booth sold $5 million in domain names within six months of opening his brokerage firm.

James Booth had a bit of an “in” when he got into the domain name business. His brother Andy Booth is a very successful domain name investor. Still, James’ early success brokering domains has been phenomenal: about $5 million in domains in the past six months. Based in the Philippines, he’s had lots of success selling to the Chinese. On today’s program he discusses what’s happened to the value of two and three letter domains and where he thinks the market is headed. He also tells the scary story of almost buying a stolen domain name, and we discuss some of the due diligence you should do before buying a domain name. Also: Pokemon Go craze, lawsuit injustice and Tesla.

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  1. Kassey Lee says

    DNW should be attractive to Chinese buyer because it ends with “w” which may mean 网 (net). 3L are very flexible, offering many possibilities. For example, DNW may mean 电脑网 (computer net), 逗你玩 (to tease you to play), 斗牛舞 (bullfighting dance), 爹娘网 (parents net), 断奶网 (weaning baby net), 豆奶网 (soy milk), and many more. I particularly like it translated to mean bullfighting dance. How dangerous would such dance be?

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