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Domain investing with Logan Flatt- DNW Podcast #235

A detailed look at one domain investor’s results.

dnw-podcastThis week you’ll hear a first-hand account of what it’s like being a domain investor. Logan Flatt shares his actual results from the past two years including sales, revenue and expenses. Learn why he focuses on particular topics, how much he typically pays for domains, how he markets them for sale, the tests he runs to optimize his sales and more.

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  1. Aroon says

    Its surprising that 85% of his domain sale is from expired domains and the other interesting thing is his not trading .net or .org domains and he focused on .com, .io and .ai domains. And still single word domains dominating.

  2. TheBrandable says

    Great interview! Awesome to see some interviews with people like Logan also who is successful but not yet an “uber status domainer” yet. It helps for people to get a different perspective too.

  3. Ted Stalets says

    Thank you Logan. Enjoyed the metrics. 1 to 3% inventory turn will improve with higher demand as world goes from 2 to 5 billion internet users over the next 5 to 7 years. What an exciting time to be alive!

  4. S. Williams says

    Thanks for the interesting pod! It would be nice to see transcripts, both informative and good for accessibility needs for certain users.

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