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XYZ acquires 5 more top level domains including .Autos, .Homes

XYZ picks up Dominion Domains’ portfolio.

Picture of a house, yacht, boat, motorcycle and car

New top level domain name registry XYZ has acquired Dominion Domains’ portfolio of five top level domain names. The acquisition includes .autos, .homes, .boats, .yachts and .motorcycles.

This summer, XYZ bought out partner Frank Schilling for .car, .cars, and .auto.

The Dominion Domains acquisition means that XYZ now has a large collection of top level domain names related to major purchases.

XYZ founder Daniel Negari told Domain Name Wire, “2021 is going to be the biggest year yet. We are excited to launch/relaunch 10 excellent TLDs and bring more competition and choice to end users worldwide.”

Dominion Enterprises set up Dominion Domains to capitalize on its existing customer base. Dominion publishes Homes.com and Franchise.com, and also provides services to auto and marine dealers.

The company initially released its domains under a restricted model in which registrants had to be associated with the industry. The verification process, combined with high registrar onboarding fees designed to turn off third-party registrars, led to only four registrars offering its .boats and .yachts domains upon launch.

Dominion Domains later removed restrictions on its domains and re-engaged with the registrar channel. The only Dominion domain that got traction was .homes, which has over 13,000 domains in the zone. (Many of those are registered at one small registrar.) Its other top level domains each have fewer than 1,000 registrations.

XYZ has experience relaunching top level domains by restructuring their pricing and positioning, and giving them a jolt of marketing.


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  1. Richard B Morris says

    Andrew and Daniel….i recently bought 275 .realty domains many of which compliment .homes domains. I also happen to be in the same town as Dominion Domains ie. Dominion Enterprises where I’m pretty familiar with management and ownership. Let me know if you could use some help. Thanks

    • Richard B Morris says

      Hey King…i’m in the collection business. Do you have a clue who owns Broad Bay Realty? and wipe that smug off your face☺

      • Headquarters says

        Don’t hate the players, hate the game. BTW i think most people think you b.s alot. Prove them wrong by at least posting a screen shot of the check.

      • Rick Schwartz says

        What professional in ANY BUSINESS and in their right mind BRAGS about a POST DATED Check??



        How much is your worthless post dated check for?? Or is it under NDA??


        • Richard B Morris says

          The absolute ARROGANCE in this community is astonishing. I’m having more fun than you’ll ever have, Thank God!

          • Freddy says

            the “ARROGANCE in this community” made us big dollars.
            Who had those cool shirts with the slogan: MY DOMAIN IS BETTER THAN YOURS.
            Was it TrafficZ?
            Sorry, ARROGANCE but it is part of the game.

    • Samer says

      Love when Rick makes a cameo.

      Hi Rick!!!

      Hope Pandemic’s treating you all right. Keep preach .Com speak your mind; the domain game’s Michael Rapaport.

      Stay healthy, safe


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