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Domain investors mobilize on twitter to help those in need

Using hashtag #domainassist, community rallies to help people in these difficult times.

Two hands joining together with the words "A helping hand"

There are a lot of people in need right now. They’ve lost their jobs and need money to pay rent or buy groceries.

Many people are more fortunate than others and you can help in many ways.

If you are able to assist financially, Internet Commerce Association (ICA) is currently trying to identify people in need. Domain investors and other people with means can contribute to their needs.

It’s open to anyone–not just the domain name investors that ICA represents. People just need to tweet their need with the hashtag #domainassist and the domain name community (and others) will do what they can to help.

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  1. BullS says

    Yesterday my handymen came to remove the skylight. I have this love hate relationship with this skylight in my room and it was leaking after a big rain. So decided to remove it completely and not worry about it in the future. He and his brother removed it and took only 2 hrs and I gave him $100 tip plus $50 Cheesecake Gift card plus the labor ($500) and I took care of all the materials.
    Turned out that he has a degree in Journalism and was a Journalist and loves fixing stuffs.
    If you ever need my handymen, please let me know.

  2. Jon Schultz says

    So-called “domain investors” are immoral scum, who hoard the best domain names and often won’t sell them for less than hundreds, if not thousands, of times what they paid for them. Then they try to show off how moral they are with their advertised charity projects. Reminds me of the Taxxi song “Whipping Boy”:

    You’re well established, you’re sitting pretty
    Cradled into luxury
    Taking the rap for your guilty conscience
    With token charity


    Let’s take away their obscene profits. Boycott them!

    • David George says

      I don’t know who raised you but your comment indicates you were raised in very judgmental household.

      Here in America where I am, capitalism is king. Buying real estate whether brick and mortar or digital at a low price and selling for a much higher price is how things work.

      .com stands for commercial, not freebie.

      If you decide to sell your home let me know so that I can pay you the cost of constructing it and no more.

      • Jon Schultz says

        I was being sarcastic to try to make a point to Mr. Allemann, in reference to the conversation I was having with him in some other threads here. Unfortunately, as of a few days ago, at least, he seems not to have gotten the point, which is that domainers who unfairly criticize other domainers for something harmless like buying a Covid-19 domain to hopefully profit from it (without sending dishonest emails or using the domain to sell a product which is advertised dishonestly), should expect to be similarly unfairly criticized and rather than trying to avoid the unfair criticism that people who have Covid-19 domains up for sale are getting, I think the domain community is best off united in standing up for the legal right we all should have, in my opinion, to buy and sell domains freely.

        Buying a domain like CoronavirusNews.com and putting a for-sale lander on it isn’t hurting anyone and at least makes it more likely that the domain will be used by a person or group which will put somewhat substantial resources into development. There is no valid basis for criticism, imo, only the self-righteous superstition that “you shouldn’t profit from a tragedy,” when in fact we all do in various ways.

        Nevertheless, I appreciate the compliment…

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