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15 end user domain name sales up to $70K

A German clothing brand, a link shortener and the SyFy network all bought domain names last week.

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The top sale on Sedo this past week seems like a great deal for the buyer. Not only is boot.com a great brandable name, but it means boat in German. The top ccTLD sale also made the end user list, SwimmingPool.de at €12,750. And these weren’t the only 5-figure sales, there were several that made the list this week.

Let’s take a look at some of the end user sales on Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.

Boot.com $70,000 – Boot is German for boat. The domain forwards to Boot.de, which looks like a trade show for the boating world. It’s worth noting they also use Boot.club for a program. This was a great deal for the buyer!

TZGZ.com $43,000 – Universal Studios acquired the domain name and it now redirects to SyFy.com, the popular science fiction television network. It has applied for trademarks for TZGZ It Comes after Syfy, suggesting this might be the new name for the network.

Datenschutzauditor.com €15,000 – It’s now owned by a German software company specializing in privacy and data protection.

SwimmingPool.de €12,750 – Forwards to SwimmingPool.com, an online network to find pool service providers.

SecureAccess.com $10,000 – This domain was purchased by Hilltop Advisors, which provides professional services to financial services companies with special focus on lenders of all types, loan service providers and more. This indicates that this domain could be for a financial services company of some sort.

TR.im €8,000 – What a fun name for this new link shortener.

Geburtstagsgeschenk.de €7,500 – Forwards to businessangels.de which is a service that assists companies in the areas of marketing, e-commerce, technology and infrastructure.

Ozti.com $5,000 – The main site for Öztiryakiler, a Turkish kitchen equipment manufacturer established in 1958 which makes it one of the first manufacturing companies of Turkey in this sector.

C-A.de €5,000 – Forwards to the quite choppy domain of C-and-A.com/de/, a German clothing brand.

Tawek.com €4,000 – The domain forwards to Homeless.lacounty.gov, which is the Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative. I can’t figure out what this name has to do with the group, but it must be some sort of acronym.

GBCTrading.com $3,995 – Forwards to GBCTrading.co.uk, a wholesaler of nutritional health products from around the globe based in the UK.

Pingtopia.com $3,750 – Identity management company Ping Identity bought this domain for “A Community of Ping advocates”.

Championship-Rings.net $2,500 – The site ChampionshipRings.net, which specializes in the resale of sports championship rings.

ULesson.com $2,500 – An online learning and educational platform for students in Africa.

CryptoMood.com €2,000 – A new crypto news aggregator, powered by “artificial intelligence and advanced text processing algorithms”. The site processes data from 50,000+ news sources, 4 social media networks and over 100 crypto trading blogs.

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  1. Richard says

    boot in Dusseldorf is the biggest boat show in the world. I can’t believe they got boot.com at such a great price. 70k is just pocket change to them.

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