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SyFy might be rebranding as TZGZ

Company gets trademarks and TZGZ.com domain name.

TZGZ it comes after syfy logo

As I was working on this week’s end user domain name list, I discovered that SyFy, the television network owned by Universal Studios, might be rebranding.

Update: here’s what TZGZ is

The company paid $43,000 for the domain name TZGZ.com. The domain now forwards to SyFy.com.

I searched for trademarks on TZGZ and found that Universal Studios just obtained four trademark registrations for TZGZ yesterday. Two of them are for TZGZ as a word mark and two are for a logo TZGZ It Comes After SyFy (pictured above).

The goods and services are related to entertainment, broadcasting, etc.

Would SyFy rebrand? It’s possible; SyFy badly fails the radio test. TZGZ is a mouthful and I wonder if it is pronounced another way.

TZGZ could just be a show, podcast or something else for the network, but the logo branding and trademark applications make it seem like a big deal.

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      I’m pretty sure it’s going to be late night programming like adult swim . TZGZ “comes after” SYFY
      As in it comes on after the Syfy proper programming.

  1. Mike says

    congrats to whoever asked their asking price, most likely Chinese seller.

    Horrible brand for NA

  2. Mike Sallese says

    Maybe it is for a show on the network?Seems like a play on the letters in “SyFy” as the letters are what comes after..TzGz

    But it is not a great brand IMO if you have to explain it…


  3. Dave Tyrer says

    IMO they seem to be pointlessly switching from one weak brand to another.

    I can’t understand these gigantic broadcast players and media experts who don’t seem to appreciate the value of a catchy domain.

    Last I heard (maybe it’s just a working title) Disney is planning a new channel called Disney+ or Disney Plus. As boring a name as GooglePlus was, which closed down.

    Then there is the new big budget channel being planned by Jeffrey Katzenberg (formerly DreamWorks) and Meg Whitman (formerly HP).

    It’s called Quibi. (It means quick bites). Pretty unexciting name too. Great concept and logo however – ten minute or so short “movies” specially created for mobile. Some or all may even be shot in vertical format.


    It will be interesting to see what Apple calls a new channel which may be announced on the 25th.

    • John says

      If you’re familiar with the SyFy channel it’s actually pretty good and easy to remember and spell, even if it’s not the 100% greatest possible brand name. I’m assuming it’s the same entity. This change would be horrible though.

      • Dave Tyrer says

        Yes you’re right. While I had never heard of the SyFy channel before, I easily remembered the brand name since I read this post a day ago. However, I couldn’t remember TZGZ 🙂

        So the new name fails the important “can you remember it after a night’s sleep” test.

      • Nick says

        Yeah when they rebranded from Sci Fi to Syfy there was a ton of complaining on how it was stupid and how ugly it was. I think in grew on everyone though. I like the name. My favorite shows on there are not Science Fiction (The Magicians & Van Helsing). I hope they don’t rebrand again just cause they have more than Science Fiction.

  4. Bryant S says

    TZGZ is a new after midnight programming block. Alphabetically TZGZ follows one character after SYFY.

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