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15 end user domain name purchases

An accessories company, law firm and trade publisher bought domain names last week.

Sedo had 598 domain name transactions last week for a total of $1.1 million. Two likely end user sales aren’t on this list because they have whois privacy or are still in transfer: MyFood.com at $33,500 and FBet.com at €50,000. Neither domain name resolves to an active website yet, but we’ll probably find out who the buyers in the coming months.

Below are 15 end user domain name sales at Sedo from the past week

(You can view previous lists like this here. If you’d like to learn how to sell your domain names like these on Sedo, download this report.)

AttorneyGroup.com $20,000 – American Injury Attorney Group decided it was time to drop the hyphen in its Attorney-Group.com domain name.

Bando.com $19,999 – Ban.do Designs LLC, seller of womens’ accessories. Despite branding itself as Ban.do, it doesn’t own Ban.do. It has instead used the domain name ShopBando.com until now.

Deziro.com €4,500 – DeGiro B.V. in Amsterdam bought this domain name. Perhaps it views it as a typo.

MijnHostway.nl €6,000 – Hosting company Hostway. Mijn means “my” in Dutch.

DruckProfis.ch €2,500 – as best I can tell, Druckerei AG Suhr sells calendars. Profis means “professional” in German. Perhaps one of our German readers can clarify.

Benidorm.travel €1,600 – Viajes Alameda, s.a., a travel agent. Benidorm is in Spain.

SunniesStudio.com $799 – Sunnies Studios, a Manila company that owns SunniesStudios.com.

DrWhittiker.com $700 – CitizenHawk bought this typo on behalf of Healthy Directions, which owns the DrWhitaker.com domain name.

Snowsoft.com $3,000 – Sandhill Publishers, which publishes trade media such as Machinery Trader and Tractor House.

AuthID.com $1,000 – TrustAsia Technologies, Inc. The company’s website features Symantec products.

Team-Up.net – $800 Software company ESTsoft bought this domain name, perhaps for one of its new products.

My-Hub.com $1,500 – Hub International Limited, an insurance broker.

iLocalDeals.com $1,500 – iLocal Media, a local marketing company.

TheArtLovers.com $995 – The Art Scouts Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in Berlin.

Crestron.net $2,200 – Automation systems company Crestron bought the .net to match its existing .com domain name.

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  1. Leon says

    Picked up My-Hub.com in 2011 at GD for a pittance and held it for a year before dropping it. Win some, lose some.

  2. Sly says

    Andrew when you say these are end user sedo sales, how did the domains actually sell? Did the end users actually go to sedo.com and search for these names? Were the names on auction, parked or what? Or did sedo make outbound calls to sell these named on behalf of the domain owners? If so how did then how did the domain owners list these names on sedo? Did they pay a special fee to have their names marketed by sedo? I ask these questions Andrew because I have good domains parked at sedo for the longest time but haven’t had any sales for 2 years or more. I only get some clicks and revenue from type in traffic. What do I need to do to have sedo actively promote my domains on their platform? Btw I have read your pdf about selling on sedo and other marketplaces. Any response will be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Andrew Allemann says

      I don’t have an individual breakdown on the domain names. For the most part, these are domain names that Sedo is not doing outbound sales for.

      Speaking generally, I notice that a lot of the end user sales are domain names parked at Sedo, so that definitely drives purchase inquiries.

      More than half of the names Sedo sells in a given week have “buy now” prices, and many are sold on its MLS network.

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