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.Amazon top level domain taken off “Will not Proceed” status

So you’re saying there’s a chance…

There’s another ray of light for those hoping that ICANN will eventually delegate the .Amazon top level domain name to Amazon.com.

Earlier today, ICANN’s Board of Directors instructed the non-profit domain overseer to remove the “Will Not Proceed” status on the .amazon application. (The actual change in the public database hasn’t occurred yet.)

Last month, the Board passed a resolution asking ICANN to act as a mediator between countries in the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) and Amazon.com. These countries are concerned that Amazon.com’s ownership of .Amazon will somehow hurt the region.

Amazon has been negotiating with the countries for many years. It has offered to reserve domains, provide funding for a .amazon website to promote the region, and give $5 million in Amazon goods and services. The ACTO members are unmoved.

The decision to remove the “Will Not Proceed” status is mostly symbolic as ICANN still needs to work with the parties to come up with a compromise.

It will be a big win for new top level domain companies if .Amazon is delegated to the company. Amazon’s usage of the domain will help spread the word that there are new options to the right of the dot.

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