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Afternic increases fast transfer limit to $100k

Domain names can be listed with buy now prices of up to $100,000 and still get distribution.

Just a few months after increasing it to $50,000, Afternic has increased the price limit on buy now fast transfer domains to $100,000.

This means that you can list domain names on Afternic for up to $100,000 and still have them included in its fast transfer network. A domain buyer can find your name at participating registrars and purchase the domain much like registering an available domain name. The domain will be instantly transferred into the customer’s account at their registrar.

GoDaddy VP of Aftermarket Paul Nicks confirmed to Domain Name Wire that Afternic (owned by GoDaddy) has sold some domain names for more than $25,000 since increasing the limit in October.

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  1. John C. says

    15% on $100,000 is way too high a commission. It should be more in line with real estate.

    We won’t list high end inventory with those fees.

  2. Mark Thorpe says

    Noticed that increase the other day.
    But my existing domains listed above $50k still say No (Requires Submission) for Fast Transfer.
    “In Standard Network but not opted in.
    Your domain may be eligible for fast-transfer please contact customer service for help with opting in to fast-transfer.”

    Same thing happened to my account when Afternic increased the amount to $25k, then to $50k.
    I had to contact customer service each time to get opted-in for the new fast transfer limit.

    • Mark Thorpe says

      Afternic staff didn’t know about the new fast transfer Increase to $100k when i contacted them the other day.
      They didn’t know last time either or the time before that.

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