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Frank Schilling: State of New TLDs – DNW Podcast #74

Is the new TLD business coming to a head?

Frank SchillingNew top level domain names have been out for a couple years, and recently pressure has been mounting on the companies that sell them. Frank Schilling, who owns a portfolio of top level domain names and a registrar, discusses how new TLDs are doing and what’s happening at new TLD companies.

Also: Berkens’ big payday confirmed, LA.com and Jade.com sell, GoDaddy goes to China.

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  1. colliancesteve says

    Great interview, Andrew,

    Always a pleasure to hear and read your opinions, as it’s unbiased, straight forward, and never slanted.

    My opinion, being as objective as possible (admit I own zero .GTLDs, although I did have a few , which I dropped)

    Domains already had way to much to compete in justifying the high valuations of super key word .com, with the exponential growth of apps, over websites. If you have a company that’s seeking funding, yes, I agree with Paul Graham, that you need the .com. You can get around this if you’re providing a tech offering with an .io, a personalized or catchy brandable with a ,me, and maybe a .co, or the country domains (.de, dk, co.uk) if your service is targeted in these regions.

    But I can’t see the need or demand for most of these GTLDs. Of course super star salespersons can create the demand by pure hustle, by targeting speculative investors in some markets (e.g, China)

    Many of the GTLD evangelists have thrown in the white towel.

    No doubt Frank Schilling is a brilliant investor, and from all accounts I heard, a super person. I believe Frank may have seen the drop in demand for .com due to apps, and looked at the GTLDs as an opportunity. (of course I could be wrong –merely an opinion)

    How many of the GTLDs will still be around in 3 years, besides the brands (.BMW, .Google)? — these have the best chance:


    what else, if any?

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