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The Future of Domains w/ Frank Schilling – DNW Podcast #119

Will the importance of domain names decline in the future?

Will AI, voice-activated devices and non-visual web browsers reduce the importance of great domains in the future? Frank Schilling comes on the show this week to respond to my prediction for the future and discuss what he thinks the drivers of domain growth and importance will be. Also: Escrow.com verification process, Sony’s new sites, stolen domains.

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  1. Mark Thorpe says

    Frank is right and you are wrong Andrew about AI assistant’s. I usually disagree with Frank and agree with you on most topics, but not this time.
    Door closes, window opens is a great example of why he is right about domain names living on in the face of AI assistant’s.

    It’s not like .Com domain names are going to disappear either, but unfortunately a lot of nTLD’s will.
    There are way too many nTLD’s too choose from! It just makes .Com look even stronger, not weaker.
    There should not be another round of nTLD’s either. There is no nTLD that will come out better than .Web. IMO
    ccTLD’s will continue to grow stronger though.

    Funny discussion about 100 roll toilet paper! Haha

    Bad pic of Frank, he looks like he just got out of bed! Sorry Frank. Lol

  2. steven says

    another great podcast andrew…
    frank, i could listen to you talk all day long, you are literally one of the smartest guys in this business, if not the smartest.
    thanks for sharing and see you guys next week


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