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Domain Investing Success Story with Lonnie Borck – DNW Podcast #39

The man who sold Scores.com for $1.2 million discusses domain name investing.

Domain Name Wire podcastDomain name investor Lonnie Borck has a lot of great stories, like the time he sold Scores.com for $1.2 million. And the day he thought he was just taking a day trip to NYC but ended up buying e.co for $81,000 in an auction. On this episode of the Domain Name Wire Podcast, Lonnie talks about his success, but also the number of opportunities he’s missed. He has some advice for domainers on how to improve their chances of becoming a successful domain name investor.

Also: Autism.rocks, Google Domains, reverse domain name hijacking, and whois privacy.

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  1. brand says

    Thanks to Andrew and Lonnie for this great interview.
    Andrew, i like that i can listen to the sherpa show and your show on Monday’s, it gives me a great start for the week, also keep up the sherpa show, i think you have very good insight on this industry.

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