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Remembering Lonnie Borck – DNW Podcast #108

This episode is dedicated to the life of Lonnie Borck.

Lonnie Borck, a colorful and well-known domain name investor, passed away earlier this month at age 47. This special episode of the Domain Name Wire Podcast is dedicated to Lonnie and the many lives he touched. We hear from Elliot Silver, who recalls the time when Lonnie correctly predicted a home run at an Orioles game. Scott Ross talks about his unlikely friendship with Lonnie. David Roth discusses the first day he met Lonnie. And Bari Meyerson relates the time she scared Lonnie with her driving. Also Rick Schwartz, Ron Jackson, Dave Evanson, Michael Castello, Nat Cohen, Monte Cahn. (If you didn’t know Lonnie, my previous podcast with him will give you an idea of who he was from a business perspective.)

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  1. Scott Ross says

    Thank you, Andrew, for honoring our friend, Lonnie Borck, with this beautiful tribute. Thanks, as well, to those in the global domain family who shared their thoughtful recollections.

    How lucky we were to know him and learn the art of mitzvah (good deeds) from his example.

    ~ Scott

  2. Michael Castello says

    Nicely done Andrew. Thank you for taking the time to put this podcast together. It’s a wonderful tribute that Lonnie’s family can take with them as time passes in remembering the positive impact he had on so many lives.

  3. steven sacks says

    nice tribute andrew… sorry i missed the deadline to submit a remembrance…
    i suppose the most memorable would be the time i started out asking him if our yarmulkas.com was an acceptable spelling of the term and ended up getting
    the whole history of the meaning and tradition behind the wearing of yarmulkes and how it was a sign of respect for God who is above us.
    such a genuine guy and role model to many
    i will miss him


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