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Report: How to Sell Domain Names on Marketplaces

Free report provides details for getting the most out of domain name marketplaces.

How to sell domain names on marketplacesToday I’m delighted to release my first in-depth Domain Name Wire report, “How to Sell Domain Names on Marketplaces”.

I wrote this report in response to the numerous inquiries I receive from people trying to sell their domain names.

You may download the 26 page report by filling out the form below or sending a blank email to sell_domains@getresponse.com.

The report explains:

• Which marketplaces have partnerships to get your domain names in front of domain buyers at the exact moment they’re searching for your domains.
• How to set up your portfolio at each marketplace.
• How to respond to sales inquiries at each marketplace in order to get top dollar for your domains.
• Which marketplace is best for your type of domains.
• What to do if you’re getting a lot of low ball offers on your domain names.
• A zero-commission alternative for selling your domains.

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The most in-depth analysis of the global domain market

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  1. fizz

    Thanks Andrew – just downloaded your report and had a quick skim through and it looks like I will be able to glean many great tips from it when I read it in detail over a coffee later today.

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