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GoDaddy Promotes Its Own Service When Switching Nameservers

Domain registrar offers its own competing service when changing nameservers.

Domain name registrar GoDaddy.com is promoting its own domain parking service “Cash Parking” to customers who attempt to change a domain’s nameservers to a competing domain parking company.

If you have a domain name on GoDaddy’s name servers (which is the case whenever you register a new domain name or use forwarding) and try to switch to the nameservers of a domain parking company, you receive an alert with a special domain parking offer:

GoDaddy cash parking

The system is set up to only offer the parking special if you switch your nameservers to a parking service. In my tests the offer was presented when switching to ns1.parked.com (Parked.com’s nameservers) but not when changing the nameservers to my web hosting company.

I understand trying to cross-sell your own products to customers, but to me the domain name control panel is sacred ground and shouldn’t be used to push products, especially in such a targeted manner. What’s next? If I change my nameservers to a popular web hosting company will GoDaddy interrupt the process by offering its own web hosting services? With GoDaddy grabbing 45% of new domain name registrations, at some point these behaviors will be frowned upon as anti-competitive. If this were Google or Microsoft, a competitor’s lawyers would already be on the phone.

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  1. Johnny

    I feel the same way. It is the wrong place for the ad….it drives me nuts. Why is there not an opt-out option?

    I actually “set” some nameservers the other day, but as you know sometimes you have to wait ten to twenty seconds after hitting the confirmation button for the nameservers setting action to complete. Well, I went to look at another site while the changes took effect. I forgot to recheck my work.

    A couple of days later I saw that I was getting no traffic and I went to see what was up and the nameservers had not been changed.

    My nameserver change request did not take b/c I did not stick around to jump through the second hoop of advertising they jammed into the process.

    They are making it more work now….not less. I want convenience not this annoying, imposing, ad that requires me to act to get around.

  2. Jay

    I have used godaddy for most of my domains over the last 5-6 years or so and their whole upsell process in general is a pain. I could see upselling to the average joe with a few domains but when they see hundreds and hundreds of domains accumulate in my account over the years they should realize that someone with this many domains knows what he is doing and if he needs to buy something he can find it, I have already moved 150+ out to fabulous & moniker as I just wanna manage my domains and not be bothered with upsells and hijacking my landers every time I change nameservers.

  3. fred

    The real crime at Godaddy is that when you switch to their parked DNS (in order to use their fwding) they steal your traffic for three days and park it. I have over 2000 domains at godaddy and this has been happening for years. I don’t understand why nobdoy talks about it.
    It is pure theft.

  4. Johnny

    @fred…..I sent a pretty nasty email about Godaddy stealing traffic in this manner. I usually don’t get that mad….but they are literally taking money from my pocket and transferring it to theirs….to be blunt. You are correct…it is “pure theft” in the truest sense by Godaddy.

    It’s ballsy to just up and take a domain owner’s traffic. It just goes to show that it is still the Wild West in domains and domaining…..albeit less so than a year or two ago.

    This is worthy of a story, really.

  5. noone

    “Sacred?” My God, people, get over yourselves. Don’t like, don’t use them.
    There absolutley no sacred trust being broken.

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