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GoDaddy.com Purchases Second Super Bowl Commercial

Company to air two commercials during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

One of the last remaining advertising spots in Sunday’s Super Bowl was snapped up by domain name registrar GoDaddy. The commercial will air near the two minute warning in the fourth quarter of the game.

GoDaddy, a perennial Super Bowl advertiser, asked the public to select which of two commercials to run during the company’s first quarter 30 second spot. The company settled on a Danica Patrick spot called “Shower”. Now that the company has a second spot it will run the other ad which also features Patrick. GoDaddy founder and CEO Bob Parsons also appears in the second spot.

GoDaddy was a little known domain name registrar earlier this decade, but supplanted incumbent Network Solutions thanks to its aggressive marketing including Super Bowl commercials. The company was able to garner significant media attention as a “dot.com” running an expensive ad after the dot.com crash.

The company has over 30 million domain names registered in its family of companies, more than three times the closest competitor. It claims a 45% market share of new domain name registrations.

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  1. M. Menius

    Just read this to my wife about the video with Danica in the shower (she’s not familiar with Danica Patrick). Wife asked “Is she cute”? I responded “Well … yeah!” She wanted to see Danica so I showed her GoDaddy’s homepage. Wifey retorted “Oh, that’s going to be “family entertainment”. (slight tone of sarcasm) 😉

  2. Rob Sequin


    Whether you like GoDaddy or not, you can’t deny that a company in our industry spending this kind of money to promote our industry is nothing short of FANTASTIC!

    How many millions of people will think “Hmmm, maybe I should register a domain and start something online”?

    Then of course their favorite domain is taken and now they have to come into the secondary market.

    We should all be thanking Bob Parsons for his commitment to this industry.

    With that said, where the hell is Richard Rosenblatt from enom? I haven’t heard anything from him.

  3. Domainer

    Rob quote –
    “where the hell is Richard Rosenblatt from enom? I haven’t heard anything from him.”

    That is an excellent question and a sore subject with me.

    Godaddy’s $ 6 million expenditure is benefiting GD first. But, indirectly it helps the domain industry.

    Other registrars that give back to the industry.
    1. Fabulous by actively supporting the conferences plus many, many other things.
    2. Moniker/DomainSponsor supports the conferences plus many other things.
    3. Also, Parked and Directi.

    Which registrars were made successful by domainers but refuse to give back ANYTHING (not a penny) to help the industry?

    Network Solutions

    They take and take and don’t even say “thank you” as they put the money in their pocket.

    Enom/Namejet/DemandMedia must be worth at least $ 200 million. I think they can afford to give back a little.

    They should be the ones domainers should avoid. They do not have our best interest at heart.

    Godaddy – thanks for bringing more people to the industry.

  4. AdJoe.com

    We all know that the name of GoDaddy’s game is to get the renewals and being the leader and up front in there business model. The fact that Bob Parsons thinks outside the box in marketing and inside the box on running his company is Win Win!!

  5. Rick

    Those were the cheesiest commercials I have ever seen and not fit for family tv which of course the super bowl is supposed to be. And Parsons looked like the biggest perv ever. If anything, these commercials may encourage the average american to be more aware of domain names but I think they will discourage them from using godaddy because of the tastless advertisements.

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