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  • Grumpy the Cat and Rob Corddry give a High Five

    1. BY - Mar 12, 2014
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    Celebrities give a high five. did a rather clever marketing gimmick during SXSW Interactive in Austin. It sent one of its customer service reps to the city as “High Five Guy”. For every high five he got (10,000) the company donated 5 cents to an Austin charity.

    It’s difficult to attract attention during the noise of SXSW, but High Five Guy appears to have done the trick. The charity element certainly didn’t hurt.

    High Five guy got high fives from comedian Rob Corddry, Grumpy the Cat, and thousands more.

    The video below includes Rob Corddry. You can see High Five Guy give a high five to Grumpy the Cat here.


  • Watch and .xyz battle in bobsled competition

    1. BY - Feb 24, 2014
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    Jared Ewy and Daniel Negari fly around the track in friendly wager.

    I see a lot of marketing gimmicks for domain names, but rarely write about them. This bobsledding competition (and sponsorship) involving .xyz is entertaining enough to pass along.

    Here’s the background:

    In addition to being CEO of .Kiwi, Tim Johnson is also the manager of the New Zealand bobsled team. pulled together .xyz, .Buzz, .Ninja and .club to help sponsor the New Zealand bobsled team.

    On top of that, .xyz CEO Daniel Negari raced’s Jared Ewy in a bobsled competition. It was a friendly wager, with Negari offering to “sing the praises” of if he lost and Ewy agreeing to wear .xyz swag from head to toe if he was slower.

    Here’s the pre-race set up video:

    I’m not going to play spoiler and tell you who won, other than to say it was really close. You can see for yourself; watch Negari’s run here an Ewy’s here.

  • eNom and sign 2013 RAA

    1. BY - Oct 28, 2013
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    Demand Media gears up for new TLDs by signing new registrar agreement.

    eNomDemand Media’s eNom and domain name registrars have signed the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA), the company announced today.

    That makes four of the top 10 domain name registrars who have signed the new agreement. In addition to Demand Media, other top ten registrars that have signed the agreement include GoDaddy, 1&1, and Melbourne IT.

    Signing the new agreement is required before domain name registrars can sell new TLDs, and so far only a handful of registrars have executed the agreement. The updated RAA places significantly more burden on domain name registrars than the previous agreement, including whois verification.

    Demand Media was among the companies that was at the negotiating table to help craft the 2013 RAA. With the exception of Key-Systems, all of the registrars that were part of the negotiating team have now signed the agreement.

  • Meet Steve Banfield, Demand Media’s new SVP and GM of Registrar Services

    1. BY - Oct 02, 2013
    2. Domain Registrars
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    Banfield to lead eNom and

    Steve BanfieldEarlier this week Demand Media announced that it hired Steve Banfield to serve as SVP and GM of Registrar Services. Demand Media owns domain name reseller eNom and consumer registrar, both of which Banfield will help lead.

    If his name doesn’t ring a bell, that’s because Banfield is new to the domain name industry. His experience with domain names is limited mostly to registering domain names here and there for projects.

    Even though he has limited direct experience, he points out that there are links between domain names and what he has dedicated much of his career to: digital products.

    “When you’re selling a domain, you’re selling a digital good,” he explained.

    His experience with digital goods includes stints at a division of Paramount Pictures, Sony, RealNetworks, and Microsoft.

    As Demand Media gets ready to spin out its domain name business, Banfield said he saw opportunity.

    “You have a great, growing business that’s poised for additional growth with new TLDs,” he said. “You have a great growing business about to be spun out from a different entity.”

    He said he started adding these things up, along with a cultural fit, and decided to make the jump.

    Given Demand Media’s role in the domain ecosystem, you can expect to see Banfield at industry conferences in the future.

  • Demand Media considers spinning off domain name business

    1. BY - Feb 19, 2013
    2. Domain Registrars
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    Domain business might become its own company.

    Demand Media, parent company of eNom and, is considering splitting its business in two.

    The move would see its domain assets and online media business separated. The domain business would have annual revenues of $150 million+ with gross margins around 20%, and the media business would be $250 million+ with 30%+ margins.

    Michael Blend will be working on the process of spinning out the domain business.

    While the domain business is certainly heading down a different path than the media business, this move could create some complications.

    The way Demand Media has reported its earnings in the past has been somewhat convoluted. Many domain industry watchers believe the company has been able to use the registrar revenue as a bedrock as the rest of the company caught up on the revenue side. Of course, not that the media business is large this isn’t as big of an issue.

    Others have speculated that a big part of the content revenue the company has reported has been from domain parking, and it will be interesting to see this when split out in greater detail.

    Additionally, Demand Media has argued that its domain business is key for collecting data used in its media business.

    Another online media and advertising company, Marchex, is in the process of spinning out its domain business as well.