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  • 10 photos from ICANN 51

    1. BY - Oct 16, 2014
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    A quick visual look at this week’s ICANN meeting in Los Angeles.

    It has been a busy, busy week in Los Angeles. I’ll have more thoughts on ICANN 51 later. For now, I have a collection of photos from in and around the event. Captions are below each photo.

    Entertainment during TLD Registry (“Dot Chinese Online” and “Dot Chinese Website”) and .Club event on Sunday at a popular Chinese restaurant. I also had a chance to hang out with TLD Registry when it was in Austin last week. I’ve come to the conclusion that TLD Registry and .Club are two of the hardest working registries out there, which might bode well for their long term success. Click here to see the rest of the photos from ICANN 51.

  • Grafitti artist Banksy demands domain name

    1. BY - Oct 15, 2014
    2. Policy & Law
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    Agent files UDRP to get domain name.

    Famous grafitti artist Banksy has filed a cybersquatting complaint against the owner of

    The case was filed by Banksy Inc (C/O Pest Control Office Limited). Pest Control Office is essentially an agent and certification group for Banksy’s work. It is currently trying to get a U.S. trademark for Banksy.

    If you go to right now, you’ll find a site about banks: Click here to continue reading…

  • Do-Over: 2 TLD apps that lost in objections get another chance

    1. BY - Oct 15, 2014
    2. Policy & Law
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    .Cam and Amazon IDN domain name decisions will be reviewed.

    ICANN is giving two new top level domain name applications another look after embarrassing inconsistencies in string confusion objections.

    The board’s new TLD committee determined that decisions against’s .通販 application and Rightside’s .cam should be reviewed.

    I provide the background to this story in detail here.

    In the case of .cam, Verisign succeeded in a string confusion objection against Rightside’s .cam, but failed against two other .cam applicants. The same thing happened when Google, applicant for .car, filed objections against .cars. It won two cases and lost the other. Click to continue reading…

  • How is this not reverse domain name hijacking?

    1. BY - Oct 14, 2014
    2. Policy & Law
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    Domain was allegedly registered well before company started using name.

    National Arbitration Forum panelist Dennis A. Foster has turned in a UDRP decision in favor of the respondent for the domain name The case was filed by International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT International LLC), and the case was dead on arrival — at least based on the facts presented in the case.

    IAFT claims to have started using IAFT in 2003, three years after the owner of claims to have registered the domain name. Yet it still tried to argue that the domain name was registered in bad faith.

    It even made an impossible claim (if the domain was registered by the respondent in 2000) in an additional filing, that “Respondent’ true intent has always been to sell the disputed domain name to Complainant at the highest price possible”.

    How could he do this unless we was psychic? Making such a bogus claim in an additional submission seems rather misleading.

    I actually question if the respondent registered the domain in 2000 based on historical whois records, but the complainant didn’t seem to challenge this.

    According to the domain name owner, IAFT has been trying to buy the domain name from him since 2005 and never mentioned a trademark.

    And the complainant says that, while parked, never showed links related to the complainant.

    Despite this, the panelist declined to find reverse domain name hijacking. He declined based on the complainant prevailing in two prongs of the UDRP.

    I don’t think this should overcome a case so devoid of merit, at least based on the facts that were considered.

    IAFT’s lawyer was Charles Carreon. If that name is familiar to you, here’s why.

  • Which ICANN sessions domainers should attend

    1. BY - Oct 13, 2014
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    A quick look at relevant sessions at this week’s ICANN conference.

    ICANN LAICANN 51 formally kicks off today in Los Angeles. There are a lot of domain name investors in attendance, so I created a quick guide to sessions that might be interesting to them. Even if you aren’t in L.A., ICANN has excellent online participation tools that make it almost easier to attend virtually than in person.

    Here are my picks. Click here to continue reading and see the sessions