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  • Internet wins as court denies motion to seize ccTLDs

    1. BY - Nov 12, 2014
    2. Policy & Law
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    Court rules .ir, .sy, .kp and related IDNs cannot be “attached” as compensation.

    ICANN and the internet community at large got a victory this week as a U.S. court denied a request (pdf) to seize country code top level domains (ccTLDs) as compensation in a lawsuit.

    A number of claimants that had won a judgement against Iran, Syria and North Korea over terrorism charges had demanded control of the country’s ccTLDs (.IR, .SY and .KP plus IDN versions) as payment.

    The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia determined:

    The ccTLDs exist only as they are made operational by the ccTLD operators that administer the registries of second level domains within them and by the parties that cause the ccTLDs to be listed on the root zone file. A ccTLD, like a domain name, cannot be conceptualized apart from the services provided by these parties. The court cannot order plaintiffs’ insertion into this arrangement.

    Had the court ruled otherwise, it would have opened up a can of worms in internet governance. Already, many countries are not comfortable with the U.S.’s “control” of the internet.

    There is currently a process to lessen this role by taking the U.S. government out of a contractual relationship for certain functions managed by ICANN. World governments would have been incensed had a U.S. court granted the seizure of an existing country code top level domain name, even if they were those of state sponsors of terrorism.

  • Moncler goes on (domain) defense after geese allegations

    1. BY - Nov 11, 2014
    2. Policy & Law
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    Company registers boycott domain names after negative news report.

    MonclerLuxury Italian coat maker Moncler saw its shares drubbed after an Italian news report suggested that makers of down jackets were plucking geese inhumanely. The company has responded in the press to the allegations, while also quietly scooping up domain names its haters might want to register.

    Yesterday, Moncler registered:

    • /.net, plus boycot with one ‘t’
    • /.net

    While I certainly understand the registrations, I’m confused as to why it didn’t register the typical defensive domain name “sucks”. is still available. Seems like Defensive Registration 101.

    From a new TLD perspective, Moncler uses Donuts’ protected marks service, so can’t be registered.

    If the company wants to get really fancy, it could also register

  • .XXX modifies domain matching program for new adult TLDs

    1. BY - Nov 07, 2014
    2. Policy & Law
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    ICM Registry shortens window for claiming matching domain names due to ICANN requirements.

    .xxxICM Registry, the company behind .xxx and the soon-to-be-released .porn and .adult domain names, announced today a modified domain name matching program for .xxx domain name owners.

    Previously, the company planned to reserve any domain names registered in .xxx in its new top level domain names so they could be registered by the .xxx owner. However, ICANN would not allow ICM Registry to “hold” these domain names due to rights protection mechanisms.

    As a result, ICM’s new plan creates a thirty day Limited Registration Period after sunrise ends. This is essentially the domain matching period, and .xxx owners will have to register their .adult and .porn domain names during this 30 day window in order to take advantage of the matching program. Click here to continue reading…

  •, owner of 4,000 .email domain names, gets a “win” in court

    1. BY - Nov 05, 2014
    2. Policy & Law
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    Company reaches agreement with company that won URS case against it., the controversial company that registered over 4,000 .email domain names, got a win in court today after settling with one of the companies that filed a Uniform Rapid Suspension case against it.

    Yoyo registered thousands of .email domain names matching the monikers of big brands, such as, and It plans to use the domain names for a certified email service.

    Naturally, it didn’t take long after registering these domains for URS and UDRP cases to follow. Click here to continue reading…

  • owner guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

    1. BY - Nov 05, 2014
    2. Policy & Law
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    Company went after

    Law firm has scored yet another Reverse Domain Name Hijacking victory on behalf of a client.

    Wallace Media Pty Ltd, which operates the cycling website, filed the case against the owner of Wallace Media complained that people looking for its site often leave off the .au, leading them to the respondent’s domain name.

    There were a lot of issues at play in this case, including when the respondent actually registered the domain name. Fundamentally, though, this case came down to a company adopting a highly descriptive domain name and then wanting to get common law trademark protection for it.

    Wallace Media threw out a bunch of stats to show that its website is popular among Australian bicyclists. But what does that have to do with a domain name owner in Canada, who could have purchased the domain name for the same descriptive purpose? Click here to continue reading…