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  • owner tries to “pull a fast one” in UDRP

    1. BY - Oct 20, 2014
    2. Policy & Law
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    Trademark disclaims rights to “YourNeighborhood”.

    Eric Levy, who runs the neighborhood information site, has lost a UDRP against the domain name

    He’s lucky the panelist didn’t bother to find him guilty of reverse domain name hijacking, too. The panelist determined that he was “trying to pull a fast one”, though.

    Levy’s filing claimed that the YourNeighborhood mark was “well-known” and that Complainant has made “extensive use” of the mark. But the panelist noted that the complaint lacked any evidence to show this. In fact, the complainant’s trademark for YourNeighborhood is actually a design mark for YOURNEIGHBORHOOD LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE. Oh, and it specifically disclaims any rights in “YourNeighborhood”.

    The complainant didn’t attach the trademark registration as an exhibit, and panelist Robert A. Badgley decided that Levy was “trying to pull a fast one”: Click to continue reading

  • 2 character domains get green light under new TLDs

    1. BY - Oct 20, 2014
    2. Policy & Law
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    ICANN Board approves resolution paving way for two character second level domains.

    Last week’s ICANN meeting started with good news for new top level domain name applicants: governments said they weren’t concerned about two letter second level domain names under new top level domain names.

    It got better as the week went on, with the Governmental Advisory Committee formalizing its position on two character domain names and then ICANN’s board approving a resolution stating:

    Resolved (2014.10.16.14), the proposed registry service for the release of two-character domains in the gTLD namespace does not create a reasonable risk of a meaningful adverse effect on security and stability, and the Board authorizes the President and CEO, or his designee(s), to develop and implement an efficient procedure for the release of two-character domains currently required to be reserved in the New gTLD Registry Agreement, taking into account the GAC’s advice in the Los Angeles Communiqué.

    New top level domain name contracts currently have a blanket restriction on two character second level domain names. A number of registries have requested that this provision be removed.

    This is good news for domain name registries from a usage standpoint. The change will allow .wiki, for example, to go forward with a planned arrangement with Wikimedia Foundation.

    It probably won’t mean much from a revenue standpoint, though. Due to the massive supply of new top level domain names, even “rare” one character second level domain names don’t seem to be fetching much in the market.

    Two character domains will also help brands set up regional second level domains. However, there is still a restriction on using country and territory names at the second level.

  • Governments weigh in on community and two-letter domain names

    1. BY - Oct 16, 2014
    2. Policy & Law
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    ICANN GAC concerned about community priority evaluations but not two-letter domain names.

    The Governmental Advisory Committee to ICANN has issued its GAC Communique (pdf) from this week’s meeting in Los Angeles.

    There are a couple notable items on it related to new top level domain names.

    First, the GAC noted apparent inconsistencies with recent Community Priority Evaluations and asked ICANN to consider an appeal process. Based on the language, it appears governments are more concerned about communities losing out than applicants being harmed by a surprise decision in favor of a “community”: Click here to continue reading

  • 10 photos from ICANN 51

    1. BY - Oct 16, 2014
    2. Policy & Law
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    A quick visual look at this week’s ICANN meeting in Los Angeles.

    It has been a busy, busy week in Los Angeles. I’ll have more thoughts on ICANN 51 later. For now, I have a collection of photos from in and around the event. Captions are below each photo.

    Entertainment during TLD Registry (“Dot Chinese Online” and “Dot Chinese Website”) and .Club event on Sunday at a popular Chinese restaurant. I also had a chance to hang out with TLD Registry when it was in Austin last week. I’ve come to the conclusion that TLD Registry and .Club are two of the hardest working registries out there, which might bode well for their long term success. Click here to see the rest of the photos from ICANN 51.

  • Grafitti artist Banksy demands domain name

    1. BY - Oct 15, 2014
    2. Policy & Law
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    Agent files UDRP to get domain name.

    Famous grafitti artist Banksy has filed a cybersquatting complaint against the owner of [Update: the filing may have been from an imposter.]

    The case was filed by Banksy Inc (C/O Pest Control Office Limited). Pest Control Office is essentially an agent and certification group for Banksy’s work. It is currently trying to get a U.S. trademark for Banksy.

    If you go to right now, you’ll find a site about banks: Click here to continue reading…