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  • Rightside signs new Google domain parking agreement

    1. BY - Aug 26, 2014
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    Company says material terms are “substantially similar” to the prior agreement.

    Rightside, parent company of eNom and domain parking platform HotKeys, has signed a new domain name parking agreement with Google.

    In an SEC filing, the company stated that the agreement is similar to the one it replaces:

    In general, the material terms of the Agreement are substantially similar to the Prior Agreement, including compliance with Google’s policies, maintenance of service obligations and mutual indemnification provisions. Unlike the Prior Agreement, this Agreement no longer includes Google’s Websearch service. The other changes in the Agreement consist of revisions to Google’s form of service agreement, minor changes to the legal terms of the Agreement, and updates to reflect changes in the relationship between Rightside and Google since the Prior Agreement was executed with Demand Media in 2012. The Agreement has a term of two years and contains customary termination provisions.

    Websearch was a requirement in previous contracts. It required parking companies to include organic Google search results on some parked pages; this is no longer a requirement.

    As for the material terms, my understanding is that all Google parking partners are now (or will be shortly) on identical contracts, including revenue shares. For some companies that might be a big rev share drop, for others it might be an increase or about the same.

    You may view Rightside’s previous agreement with Google (with all the juicy details redacted) in this document.

  • Why your new TLDs won’t work well with domain parking (yet)

    1. BY - Aug 26, 2014
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    Domain parking ads don’t consider the full meaning of a domain name that spans the dot.

    A couple weeks ago Donuts launched the .cash top level domain name.

    This got me thinking about domain parking. I’ve owned a few .com domain names with the term “cash” in them. When they got clicks, they were high dollar clicks. There are lots of expensive Adwords terms related to cash.

    So would traffic to monetize well?

    No, not on the basis of the top level domain name.

    As of right now, Google does not consider the new TLD term when deciding which ads to serve on parked domain names. It only considers the second level domain name.

    This creates a problem for domain names in which you need both the left and right of the dot to determine the full meaning, e.g.

    Sedo, one of the largest domain name parking companies, told Domain Name Wire that Google has confirmed to it that considering the new TLD is in Google’s feature pipeline.

    However, I wouldn’t expect Google to roll it out any time soon. There’s very little traffic to new TLDs so far. Sedo said that new TLDs accounted for just 0.13% of its traffic in June.

    I have come across a couple examples of parked domains that seem to show ads based on the full context of the domain name despite the full meaning spanning the dot, so there’s hope for decent monetization while you wait.

  • Yoweri Museveni domain name put to good use

    1. BY - Jul 14, 2014
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    The ads on are rather ironic.

    Yoweri Museveni

    “Frank, I’m not amused,” – Yoweri Museveni

    Uganda’s president Yoweri Museven signed into law a harsh anti-gay law earlier this year.

    Museveni might be disappointed to see what comes up when you type the domain name in a web browser.

    The parked domain name is owned by Frank Schilling’s Name Administration and is parked on his Domain Name Sales platform. The parked page includes ads for “Gay Rights”, “Gay Dating” and “Gay Travel”. Uganda is probably not a popular gay travel destination.

    Ugandans who want to click on “human rights organizations” to contact them about the harsh laws might have some trouble. The legislation includes penalties for groups and individuals that support LGBT rights.

    The president’s full domain name,, points to a GoDaddy “coming soon” page.


    Inset Photo: Russell Watkins/Department for International Development.

  • OpenDNS kills its typosquatting operation

    1. BY - May 31, 2014
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    Company to shut down NXD error redirect service.

    OpenDNSOpenDNS announced this week that it is shutting down a service that was, in effect, a giant typosquatting operation.

    Millions of people use OpenDNS as an alternative to their ISP’s DNS. The useful service needed a way to make money, and it found a very lucrative one: whenever someone would type in a non-existent domain name (NXD), OpenDNS would show them a search results page that also included Yahoo! ads.

    Other ISPs also caught on and started showing these error resolution pages. That includes Verizon, Time Warner and other ISPs. I’ve always found it ironic that Verizon sues cybersquatters for typosquatting its brands when it essentially typosquats the entire web.

    Now OpenDNS says it will no longer hijack the browser’s intended experience and show ads. The company gives a lengthy explanation, but I’ll summarize it like this: the company now makes money from its enterprise services, so it can get rid of something it always knew was a dirty way to make money for a company that prides itself on making the internet better.

    It also sounds like browser changes were beginning to interfere with the gravy train. Type a search query in a browser these days and it’s intended to be a search — not direct navigation.

    Still, OpenDNS said it made millions of dollars a year from the service. So it is a financial hit for the company.

    Clearly the millions of dollars a year are no longer required to keep the lights on, and the bigger customer base and user data it will gain from dropping the ads outweighs the money lost.

  • ParkingCrew integrates email monetization

    1. BY - May 07, 2014
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    ParkingCrew customers could get more revenue with integration.

    Parking CrewDomain name owners have been monetizing web traffic to domain names for a long time. But few monetize e-mails sent to their parked domain names.

    ParkingCrew announced today that it has integrated email monetization in its platform. Domain name owners can now make money whenever an email is sent to their domain names, whether it’s spam or a legitimate sender.

    Data about spam emails are compiled and sold to security firms. Legitimate email is responded to with an email that includes a prominent ad next to the bounce notice.

    ParkingCrew is working with for the new service. In addition to working with corporations to create more helpful bounce notifications, works with both domainers and mailbox/hosting providers to monetize emails.

    Monetizing email can be somewhat difficult to set up compared to standard parking; a parking company integration makes it as easy as regular domain name parking (just use the parking company’s nameservers).

    Expired domains that were previously active websites and ones related to email services are likely to perform best with this type of system.