I got my first free .XYZ domain name offer today

Network Solutions finally got around to offering me a free .xyz domain name.

The .XYZ top level domain name continues to grow by thousands of registrations each day due to a Network Solutions giveaway.

I got my first such free domain offer today. It’s interesting to see how the company handles the promotion.

As you probably know by now, Network Solutions’ program is “opt out”, meaning the domain name is put in your account unless you specifically decline.

Interestingly, the subject line of the email telling me I am getting a free .xyz domain was merely “Thank You for being a loyal customer”.

Anyone who has domains in a Network Solutions or Register.com account knows that Web.com companies send a promotional email every day. Most of mine land in spam, so I suspect most people don’t even open this email.

The email, which has been widely published already, says that I’ll get a free .xyz domain to match one of my .com’s. There’s no autorenew on the domain and I don’t have to pay anything for it.

If you wish to decline, you click through to a page that looks like this:


After reading the details of the promotion again, you have to click on a button to decline the offer. (I’ve already clicked that button in the screenshot above.)


  1. Mike says

    Not only that, you have to log in to decline the offer. I assume most people don’t carry their user id and password around with them. And it may be more trouble than its worth to log-in to decline. You should not have to log in to decline a domain you never asked for. Some reputations are going down with the ship on this one. This “industry” is becoming more of a joke by the day.

  2. Jeroen says

    Got my free .xyz too recently. But today I received an email from NS telling me that a .com domain (which is already mine and registered with them) is available for purchase and I should buy it before someone else does.

  3. Jimmcclung says

    When a dot com name was exclusive it had value. If you can now have 700 suffix variations of that name it will now be worthless. If you look at re-sales for the new tld’s… There’s no market.
    The Internet is transforming into a common computer utility program.
    The real Internet is Hulu, Netflix,Youtube,apps, EBay and other intranets like Amazon and Etsy. Eventually 99% of the Internet traffic will be in a handfull of sites. Most new tld’s will become clutter unless they add content. The value is now content and not the name. An Amazon store named ‘powertools’ will still need unique content to be on page one.

  4. says

    so i search me email and found my .xyz offer and i have to say the it was a nicely presented offer, my response, ill take it. interneting about the 5 day optout, i wonder if netsol could taste and get a refund. my offer was dated june 5th so it may be a re-work, i dindt even notice it when it came in, my take. a reasonable promotion. still think daniel didnt need to use the numbers to hype being number one but its sure tempting… heck why didnt bonds and clemens use steroids…

    • says

      I should point out that the reason I declined the domain was to see how it works. They’re not just giving these out for crappy domains anymore…mine was regg’d in 1996 and the net/org are also registered.

  5. says

    I saw the email advertising the new domain name. I didn’t notice that it was going to be automatically registered for me. So when the “free” domain name (which I didn’t know I had) was due to expire I was notified that my domain name was about to expire. If I hadn’t known when my real domain name was due to expire I might not have noticed the .xyz vs .com and paid to renew it.

    I think they are committing fraud by signing people up for a domain name without explicit authorization.

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