10 new TLDs now top 10,000 registrations each

.Center appears to have hit the milestone, making it the tenth domain to do so.

Ten new top level domain names have now eclipsed the 10,000 registration milestone.

That’s according to new TLD tracking site nTLDStats.com. Actual zone files show the tenth one is slightly below 10,000, but given the number of “dark” domains without nameservers typically found in a TLD, the 10-at-10k number is probably correct.

Here are the top 10, along with nTLDStats.com’s numbers:

1. .Guru 47,619
2. .Berlin 44,136
3. .Photography 30,637
4. .Tips 18,247
5. .Today 18,236
6. .Email 17,923
7. .Company 12,914
8. .Technology 12,597
9. .Directory 11,523
10. .Center 10,193

Many more domains are on the cusp of hitting the four figure mark. There are five domains with at least 9,000 domains.

The registration curve over time for new TLD doesn’t look like previous TLD launches. Many of these domains have had a slow-and-steady increase over time as people become aware of new TLDs.

That said, a number of new TLDs are adding fewer than ten domains per day.

I expect a second bump of registrations for many of these domains once the name collision domains are released for registration.


  1. Domo Sapiens says

    Completely and Totally Irrelevant data….

    As of yesterday there was 5,672,715 dot info registred…
    .47,148 .guru registrations equals to LESS than 1% of that.

    Do the math!
    an exact science.

  2. Domo Sapiens says


    Are people assuming somewhere around 10k registrations is the breakeven point for the registries? understanding is hard to gauge due to the variable pricing…
    Also keep in mind that some registries are their main registrant (if that made sense) ,UNO has registred (reserved…rolling my eyes) hundreds if not thousands of domains (out of their 4k mark), I wonder who else “what other registry(ies) are eschewing the registration numbers that way ?

    • says

      10k domains a break-even? Depends on your business model.

      If you have a wholesale of, say, $15, then that’s $150k/year. If you only have one domains you’re hurting. If you have a hundred like that you’re OK.

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