First new top level domain name sunrise begins?

According to the Trademark Clearinghouse, the first sunrise has begun.

.shabakaThe sunrise period for شبكة. (shabaka) has begun…sort of.

According to the official Trademark Clearinghouse sunrise page, the sunrise period for this domain name began yesterday and runs through December 30.

Just two days ago the dotShabaka team wrote about how they submitted the necessary information to ICANN for sunrise but hadn’t heard back.

Even if the sunrise has begun, it will be difficult finding any place to submit sunrise orders. I don’t see any information on the website about sunrise beginning. Nor can I find any domain name registrars offering sunrise orders for the domain.

I’ve reached out to dotShabaka for clarification. The sunrise has begun, but I haven’t (yet) found a place you can place a sunrise claim.

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