GoDaddy uses quick survey to segment customers

GoDaddy segments its customers using quick survey.

When I logged in to my GoDaddy account this morning I was greeted by a friendly blonde asking me what I was up to.

“We’re working on new ways to give you a more personalized experience,” a pop-up survey proclaimed.

Indeed, GoDaddy is working to customize what you see — and surely what the company tries to sell you — based on the type of business you run.

The first question reads “Which best describes you?”, with choices of “I own a business or non-profit”, “I am in the process of starting up a business or non-profit”, and “none of the above”.

I chose “none of the above”, which appears to have abbreviated the survey to just one more page. The second page asks if I get paid to create/maintain websites for others or are a domain investor.

Although it’s gotten much better, GoDaddy has always been a complex site to navigate. Hopefully more customization will mean that I see more about domain auctions and premium domains and less about getting my business on the web.

GoDaddy survey

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